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The Big City

I grew up about 45 minutes outside of Syraucse. When I was a little girl it was a big deal for us to all pile into our station wagon and head to the “big city.” Now that I’m older and I live in the south, Syracuse still holds this wonder and nostalgia for me. So when Christina & Aaron contacted me to capture their love in one of my favorite cities, how could I say no?

Christina & Aaron also share a love for the Salt City. Aaron works downtown and they spend many afternoons meeting for lunch and enjoying each other’s company. This little city that spends a majority of it’s time covered by snow and ice comes to vibrant life in the summer time. There’s the regional farmers market, festivals almost every weekend, and delicious food in almost every nook and cranny. Christina told me about this amazing umbrella art installment in the heart of Armory Square. So of course we had to investigate and man was it worth it!

New/Old Friends

We then kept wandering and I was reminded of how much I love Syracuse in the fair weather months. As we wandered I got to know Christina & Aaron even more. Christina and I have so many friends in common and that’s how she found my work. It was so fun to hear all about their passions, dreams, and life. Sessions like theirs are seriously my favorite. They’re so relaxed and fun! By the end of the evening it felt like we had known each other for years.

Christina & Aaron, thank you for going on an adventure through Syraucse with me! It was so wonderful being back home and getting to see it all through your eyes!


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Vibrant Armory Square Photo Shoot | Christina & Aaron