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Last week I had a very rare opportunity to spend some vacation time with my brother, Nate, and his family. This is the second year they’ve rented a little cottage on Cape Cod and they asked if I would come along relax and then maybe take some pictures. Mini vaykay in the middle of my crazy season? YES PLEASE! It was more needed than I realized. I had a wonderful time hanging out on the beach, not checking email, and especially spending time with my favorite nephew, Ethan! I took some shots with my iphone while I was there. The drive down and the second day were a bit sketchy weather wise, but by Wednesday it was GORGEOUS! Thursday morning I snagged some amazing shots of my brother’s family only to run off to Binghampton in preparation for another wedding. The short lived bliss was worth it! Now it’s back to work, I’ve got lots of good stuff coming your way!

Cape Cod



Fenway Park


Here are those yummy sneakeroo’s that I love so much!

Lifestyle Session on the beach with my Brother’s family

Dori & Kyle’s Love Story

Emily & KJ’s Love Story


Mini VayKay & Sneakeroo’s