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Welcome friend! I'm Mabyn a creative obsessed with helping women shine bright! Get ready because this blog is full of incredible female entrepreneurs, branding, and business tips to help your business thrive!

When I was a little girl, my mom got my brother a grey tabby kitten for his birthday. She became a staple in our family and though I’ll never know why, she wasn’t ever fixed. This resulted in multiple litters of kittens for years. So it’s pretty easy to see why I’m so smitten with […]

Mabloggyn – Furry Additions to our Family

We all know I’m a sucker for a mountain view and Asheville’s Crest Center & Pavilion provided an epic backdrop for Lindsey & Mark’s incredibly romantic wedding day! This wedding is one for the books folks, between the epic mountain views as far as the eye can see & Lindsey’s flawless taste their wedding day […]

The Crest Center & Pavilion Wedding Asheville, NC – Lindsey & Mark

  Over my 8 years as a wedding photographer, I’ve had a lot of people come to me asking for advice or just wanting to pick my brain. I have so much fun helping other photographers achieve their goals. I love investing and encouraging others and watching them fly. So since this is such a […]

Tip Tuesday – 4 Steps to choosing better images for your blog

4 Tips to choosing better images for you blog. Bride and groom kissing in the rain in Raleigh, NC. Mabyn Ludke Photography

     You’re a small business owner who pours her blood, sweat, and tears into her business. There’s no one else to do it for you. You’re it. You work tirelessly to provide a service that seems effortless, but in reality sucks up most of your time. Then it happens. Life. Things outside of your […]

Steps to Run a Business When Life Gets Hard

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