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I get it, you’re neck deep in your business & personal brand photos are a big investment of your time and money. Your cell phone photos or that headshot you took 4 years ago still work just fine right? How can personal brand photos save you time and make you money all in one? At first glance, it might even appear to do the opposite.

Did you know the human eye can process an entire image in as little as 13 milliseconds? And it’s shown that the human brain retains the information in those photographs infinitely better than if we just read text. Think about the implications that has for your personal brand photos. Here are 3 ways that your personal brand photos will save you time and bring in those $$ for you and your business.

1- Easy button when it comes to curating content

Think about all that time you spend searching for quality imagery to use on your website, social media, and sales pages. It can easily take hours to come up with content for business let alone find the imagery to match. It’s also costly to purchase stock photos that “kind of” correlate with you and your business.

A personal brand session is like an easy button for your content creation. You’ll receive a gallery stuffed full of beautiful custom photographs that are not only professional but feel like your business. You’ll be able to select product photos, behind the scenes, and beautiful headshots with ease. Those photographs you can then use in apps like Canva to create the perfect graphics for all of your web needs.

2- Consistency is king

Did you know that the average person needs to see a brand 5-27 times before they connect and buy from it? And that by having a consistent brand those sales can increase by 33%. Consistency in the digital world is king both in photographs and in showing up. A personal brand shoot will give you that consistency. Do all of your team headshots look different? Do you have images that look disjointed and don’t match what you’re telling your people? Are you using stock images for your next launch? Your personal brand photos will help you create a consistent brand presence in every corner of the internet.

3- The know, like, trust factor

All of this leads to creating a brand that connects with your people. The only way to do that is by creating the know, like, trust factor. There are all sorts of statistics on why people buy from a certain brand from a customized shopping experience to customer service to transparency and more. This essentially means you show up authentically and consistently. Personal brand photos help you do this because they’re of you, your team, and your service/product. They can showcase the very core of your values and level of care for your ideal client. This will bring in more of the people who connect with your message and ultimately leads to more sales and people you can serve.


3 Reasons brand photos will save you time and gain you $$


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“Soooo what is personal brand photography?” is the top question I get when I tell people I’m pivoting to personal brand photography. It’s relatively new on the scene but in this digital age, it’s quickly becoming a necessity for every business.

In 2021 alone 5.29 million new business applications were submitted and you can betchya butts that all of those businesses will require an online presence of some kind. And when was the last time you saw a website that was only text?

So what is personal brand photography?

This is where personal brand photography comes in. Each of those businesses has a person behind it. They (YOU) are the secret sauce behind their business. Personal brand photography aims to create imagery that draws your ideal client into your world and gives them a glimpse of how It functions. The man behind the curtain so to speak.

Brand photography vs Commercial photography

Personal brand photography derives its personality from the owner of said brand. Unlike commercial photography where the personality comes from the brand itself. Think Jenna Kutcher vs Nike. Both brands have personality, but would Jenna Kutcher (the business) be Jenna if she stepped away from her business? NO! She’s the secret sauce, she’s who we are expecting to hear from when she speaks publicly or on her insta stories, she’s the value in the Jenna Kutcher brand.

Is personal brand photography the same as headshots?

I get asked this question a lot. My answer is that personal brand photography includes headshots but it involves so much more:

Personal brand photography aims to create a holistic view of your business. I want to know everything about your business. If your business was a coat what color would it be, would it be a winter coat or a rain jacket, what fabric is it made of, would your brain have buttons or snaps? We dig in deep to get to the heart of you and your business and create custom imagery that displays every detail of your brand. It’s almost like I’ll be wearing your coat when taking these photographs. Your business baby becomes OUR business baby. This ensures that all of your photographs will be created to attract your ideal client.

The trust factor is high here because I want your business baby to become OUR business baby. A high level of understanding and care is key to creating branding imagery that will attract your people. This is the ultimate goal, for your business to make more dolla dolla bills y’all!

When should I invest in a personal brand shoot?

So should you jump right in and book a personal brand session? Maybe, here are some key questions to ask yourself when considering a brand photoshoot:

  • Are you an established business that struggles to find quality images of your product or service? Maybe you use stock photos a lot or create images with your cell phone but they just don’t feel professional. It may be time to invest in a brand session.
  • In the same vein, do you find yourself pulling from the same pool of photographs over and over again and you’re in need of imagery to refresh your web presence?
  • Are you planning a new launch or adding to your team? A brand session can help create imagery that will alert your people to the new offerings or changes to your business all while keeping things consistent.

If you’re feeling like a personal brand session is exactly what you need to level up your brand, then be sure to fill out my contact form located here: Contact Page. And we’ll start this journey together.


What is personal brand photography and do I really need it?


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Moody shadows, romantic glances, and a bottle of champagne made for such an amazing wedding date for Emily & Bradley! We started at their sweet church in downtown Columbia, SC, and ended at Junction 800. Where over 300 of their guests partied the night away to an incredible band and delicious treats. It was definitely a wedding to remember!


Shot for Anchor and Veil Photography

Romantic Junction 800 Wedding | Emily & Bradley


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You’ve finally taken the leap to invest in branding imagery for your business! Hooray! Seriously, throw the confetti & pop a bottle of champagne, let’s celebrate! This is a big deal on multiple levels. The first is, that investing in your business and yourself is never a bad idea. The second being you can use these photos to help you reach your ideal clientele and ultimately create more, serve more, and even make more (Dolla dolla bills y’all!).

So the next step in the process is to plan. First, you’ll want to go through the detailed questionnaire I’ve sent you. That way we can really dig into your business and how you want it to be seen. We’ll set up a consultation to go through everything and plan all the details. From locations to hair & makeup, to what outfits you’ll be wearing. Here are some of my favorite tips to maximize our time together.

Tip 1 – Prepare your stories in separate bins

One thing you’ll hear me talk about is your stories. These are different aspects of your business/you that you want to share with the world. A story could consist of practically anything that you think is significant to you and your ideal client. Take Leanna for instance. She creates hand-lettered decore for parties and home. So we created different party stories that correlated with the launches of products.

An easy way to organize for your shoot is to prepare a bin for every story you plan on telling. Inside that bin, put any props, products, outfits, and accessories. It’ll make the switch over seamless and you’ll know exactly where everything is.

Tip 2 – Plan your outfits for the 4 seasons

Unless you’ve booked a branding membership, this may be the only professional photo shoot you have all year. So you’ll want to plan your outfits for different seasons. Plan on short sleeves, sweaters, sundresses, and whatever speaks to you in different types of weather. That way your photos stay evergreen and you can utilize them all year long.

Tip 3 – Invest in yourself

Now I know you’ve already dropped a pretty penny on this session. But by continuing to do so you’ll be putting your best foot forward. I suggest investing in hair & makeup and a few new outfits (or shop a friend’s closet). If not a stylist to help you feel your best on the day. If you’re feeling amazing that will translate to your photos and you’ll be even more excited to share those photos in every corner of your business!


How to maximize your branding session | Pep N Pop