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We hear this over and over again when we first begin our businesses. What is your why? What is the thing that drives you and gets you out of bed in the morning when you could just be cashing a paycheck every two weeks? WHY are you in small business?

As creatives, it’s pretty easy and challenging at the same time to pinpoint your why. On the one hand, you’re creative (duh!) and art is your passion so it’s easy for you to understand it, on the other, it’s this elusive idea that you can’t narrow down into a succinct message to spread to the world. I urge you to dig deeper in order to shift your mindset from artist/creative to the CEO of your small business.

My Why

For example, I’ve always felt called to show people how beautiful they are through my photography. This “why” has served me well through my wedding business. But now, as I shift to a branding photography perspective, I wanted my why to have more substance. I asked myself the question “Why did I want to do that for people?” As I sifted through my answers a thought smacked me square in my forehead. My “why” all stemmed from my past growing up.

You see I wasn’t the most popular kid in school. Some may say I was pretty close to the LEAST popular kid in school. As long as I can remember, I was picked on every day until my junior year. The insults changed over the years but ultimately I couldn’t hold my emotions at bay and I would land myself in the nurse’s office full of tears and anxiety. I always felt left out, other than, ugly, and worthless.

Those feelings have driven me in my relationships and in my business ever since. I’ve never wanted anyone in my presence to feel any of the things I’ve felt. I’ve tried my best to help people feel included, important, beautiful, valuable, and most importantly safe.

How to let your Why develop your brand

So how do I translate my experience & values into a why-driven brand? By taking those values and implementing them into my language, telling my story, and creating an atmosphere of welcome, calm, and celebration around every client that steps in front of my lens. I let those values shape everything from my colors to my client gifts to the workflows I create.

When you understand the true root of your why the rest of the pieces start to fit together. It’s easy to be authentic, Content becomes easier to create, and pitching your product/service becomes easier all because you are rooted in your why.

Keep Digging

I urge you to take some time and truly dig into your why. It may not come to you right away (and hopefully, it takes you less than 13 years to discover your true why) but if you keep digging I think you’ll find the why truly behind this business that you love. Let that shape your business moving forward and watch what blooms!


Photos by Melissa Pepin & Corry Frazier Photography

Brand Foundations: What is your “Why?”

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Happy New Year! 2023 has begun and it’s the perfect time to set goals, hone your marketing, and of course, update your branding photos! Maybe you’re thinking, but Mabyn, how do I KNOW when I need to refresh my branding photos other than it being the new year? Here are some general guidelines to help you decide if getting new branding photos is the next step for your business.

Woman sitting on the couch talking to her phone.

You want to step up your social media game

If you’re looking to take your brand photos from good to great, it’s time for an update. Upgrading your Instagram feed and website content is an excellent way to get started!

The reason? Social media is a huge part of how people discover new brands these days, so having a gallery of curated custom images to pull from will help you with content planning as well as encourage the know, like, trust factor with your clients.

You’re using the same old photos

The goal of your brand photos is to help customers get to know who you are and what you do. When a potential customer comes across your social media or website, they should feel like they can relate to the people behind the brand. But if there are no photos at all, or if the ones that are there are from years ago, it can be hard for them to connect with what they see onscreen.

Woman sitting at an easel painting a picture while surrounded by her art and plants.

Your brand has evolved

If you’ve been in business for a while, your brand has probably grown and evolved over time. You may have started with one product or service and now have many others to show off. Or maybe you’ve undergone a rebranding process in which you changed your name and logo, or maybe it was a small tweak here or there (like changing the color of your logo). When this happens, it’s good for brands to update their photos so that they’re consistent with the current identity.

You’ve opened a new location or added a team member

When you open a new location or add a team member, you want to show them off. By getting new brand photos keeps your web presence consistent and allows you to put a spotlight on anything new going on in your business.

You feel like your brand needs a refresh

You’ve grown as a business, you’ve evolved as a person or you want to be more authentic in your marketing. This can be because of so many things: the way the world has changed, what’s happening in our industry, and the way people interact with each other online. Whatever it is, this is the time when we must take stock of ourselves and make sure that our image reflects who we are today.

Woman sitting cross legged smiling at the camera while holding a green smoothie.

There aren’t enough hours in the day

Content creation is a crucial part of our online presence in this day and age. But it’s also a massive time suck. If you find yourself spending a large chunk of time taking photos of your business, selfies, or products, branding photography can be a huge help. Outsourcing the most time-consuming portion of your marketing will allow you to spend more time working on the things that matter.

Woman standing at her desk while making a tik tok.

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions or have any questions about updating your brand photos, I’d love to chat. Let’s connect!

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions or have any questions about updating your brand photos, I’d love to chat. Let’s connect!

I’m a professional photographer and I specialize in helping creatives and solopreneurs create custom and engaging brand photos. My clients range from artists to authors, designers, and Influencers.

If you’re ready to update your brand photos, let’s set up a time to do a consultation. Click here to get started!


It’s time to update your brand photos when…


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When I sit down with my clients for their strategy call we talk a lot about their stories. What’s the story behind their business, what stories do they want to tell their audience, etc…

Ami has 3 very distinct stories that are all under one umbrella. She runs an organization called Wide Open Ministry which is home to her podcast “wide open conversations,” her functional nutrition business “Back to Life 365”, and her family. So we talked about how to best create content that includes all 3 of the heartbeats of Wide Open Ministries.

This time of year the light fades pretty quickly and with so much content to create we’ll need one more day. But we made good headway and I can’t wait to see Ami launch her new website in 2023!

So what stories are the lifeblood of you and your business? I’d love to know! Shoot me a message today!


Brand Session with Functional Nutritionist & Podcaster – Ami Shroyer


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We’ve added a new spot to beautiful engagement session locations! I can’t believe I haven’t been to Mt Mitchell before! Melissa and Randell had so many great ideas for their engagement session, but ultimately landed on Mt Mitchell and I’m so glad they did. We had an amazing afternoon talking about all sorts of fun geeky things all while making these two snuggle up as they’ve never snuggled before! It was so much fun!


Mt Mitchell Engagement | Melissa & Randell