Brand Photoshoot with author Moira King

I love how things always come full circle. I met Moira years ago back when we both lived in New York and we were just starting to dream about what our lives could be. We both worked at a daycare but always wanted something more. I left that daycare not long after to go full-time as a photographer. We lost touch after that and it’s been over a decade since I had seen Moira’s beautiful face.

Thank goodness for social media, because Moira had been following my journey on Instagram and reached out to me. At this point, I was just seriously considering offering Personal Brand Photography to Mabyn Ludke Photography. Moira needed some product shots of her new books and loved my work. The timing was absolutely perfect!

We had our initial consult and it was then I found out that Moira had also moved to North Carolina. What are the odds? So as we talked about her photo needs we quickly realized this shoot needed to be more than just a few product photos. It needed to be all about Moira and her journey as an author!

We planned to do several stories that included products, lifestyle photos, and headshots. When the day came for her shoot, we had a studio booked, props lined up, and a lot of laughter. We were instantly transported back 10 years when we use to hang out regularly. It was so wonderful! And I can’t wait until our next session in the fall!

Moira is the author of Work in Progress, Short Order, and is currently working on her first novel! Be sure to give her a follow on Instagram @writeintotheground and on tik tok @de_moira_lize.



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