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You’ve finally taken the leap to invest in branding imagery for your business! Hooray! Seriously, throw the confetti & pop a bottle of champagne, let’s celebrate! This is a big deal on multiple levels. The first is, that investing in your business and yourself is never a bad idea. The second being you can use these photos to help you reach your ideal clientele and ultimately create more, serve more, and even make more (Dolla dolla bills y’all!).

So the next step in the process is to plan. First, you’ll want to go through the detailed questionnaire I’ve sent you. That way we can really dig into your business and how you want it to be seen. We’ll set up a consultation to go through everything and plan all the details. From locations to hair & makeup, to what outfits you’ll be wearing. Here are some of my favorite tips to maximize our time together.

Tip 1 – Prepare your stories in separate bins

One thing you’ll hear me talk about is your stories. These are different aspects of your business/you that you want to share with the world. A story could consist of practically anything that you think is significant to you and your ideal client. Take Leanna for instance. She creates hand-lettered decore for parties and home. So we created different party stories that correlated with the launches of products.

An easy way to organize for your shoot is to prepare a bin for every story you plan on telling. Inside that bin, put any props, products, outfits, and accessories. It’ll make the switch over seamless and you’ll know exactly where everything is.

Tip 2 – Plan your outfits for the 4 seasons

Unless you’ve booked a branding membership, this may be the only professional photo shoot you have all year. So you’ll want to plan your outfits for different seasons. Plan on short sleeves, sweaters, sundresses, and whatever speaks to you in different types of weather. That way your photos stay evergreen and you can utilize them all year long.

Tip 3 – Invest in yourself

Now I know you’ve already dropped a pretty penny on this session. But by continuing to do so you’ll be putting your best foot forward. I suggest investing in hair & makeup and a few new outfits (or shop a friend’s closet). If not a stylist to help you feel your best on the day. If you’re feeling amazing that will translate to your photos and you’ll be even more excited to share those photos in every corner of your business!



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