Personal Brand Shoot with Realtor Shannon Shown

Shannon has been a friend of mine for years. Not only does she have this amazing charismatic energy, but the girl has been my personal hairdresser for almost 10 years!

When covid hit Shannon decided it was a perfect time to start her pivot and over the last 2 years she’s transitioned from doing hair to being a forerunner in her local real estate market!

With this change also came a new challenge for Shannon, social media. She’s mostly been a casual poster for her personal life and now she’s faced with creating an online presence for her clients. So we sat down and started to talk about what she’d need to start a professional brand.

This encompassed much more than just a few pretty pictures of Shannon. We talked about who her ideal client was and how she wanted to be known in the industry. She talked about being the girl who takes care of everything for her clients while still being warm and welcoming. I think we achieved the warm and welcoming party really well. What do you think?



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