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You love photography, but truth be told, you don’t love being IN the photos. You’d much rather take them or look at how beautiful someone elses photos are. The idea of having a professional photographer all up in your grill gives you nightmares. You know your wedding day needs to be captured well and with […]

Ultimate Guide to Looking Fantastic in your Wedding Photos!

The eternal struggle. Having the wedding of your dreams while fitting it all into your budget! For some, it’s easier than others. As a wedding professional and a past bride, I totally get the struggle. The truth is this is a luxury industry. I could sit here and tell you why we cost what we […]

3 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Day

Timberlake Earth Sanctuary Wedding Greensboro, NC by Mabyn Ludke Photography

(By MorningWild Photography) Guest List Prep for Intimate Weddings One of the, if not the most, stressful parts of planning your wedding is creating a guest list. Especially if you want to have an intimate wedding. How do you do it?! Especially with all of the pressures from your family & friends! I won’t lie, […]

Guest List Prep for Intimate Weddings

Guests at an intimate wedding pray over couple

Hooray! You’re engaged and you’ve fully emerged in all things in the wedding world! That means it’s time for your engagement shoot. There are a ton of elements to making the most out of your engagement session. We’ll take you through them all. Last time, we talked about some of the best locations in NC […]

Outfit Ideas for your Engagement Photos

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