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Photography Basics Getting started in the world of photography can be completely overwhelming! Here’s my tips to help you get started. This is part 1 of 4 in a video series that will help you take your photo game from your phone to a hobby or from a hobby to a passion! Video Recap Invest […]

Getting Started With Photography

Last weekend I came down with a mega head cold. The kind that kicks you on your butt and keeps you in bed for days! While I was sick, I kept thinking to myself “Man, I’m so glad I don’t have a wedding right now.” It’s the absolute worst shooting a wedding when your sick! […]

Sick Wedding Photographer | What Do You Do?

Sick wedding photographer

There is one thing that I refuse to compromise on in our business and that’s connection with our clients. We aim to get to know our clients even if they live states away! Whether it be through phone calls or video chat we make it happen. But it’s extra special when we actually get to […]

Meeting Our Clients for the First Time | VLOG

Brace yourself friends, this is a lengthy video on a subject to which I am deeply attached. Finding your WHY in wedding or portrait photography is so important to me and interwoven into my DNA. So I wont do a huge intro to the video other than you can break it down into 3 parts: […]

What’s Your Why?

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