1. Kelli Kalaczynski says:

    I always make a list of things I want to take with me a week ahead of time. Go down the list and scratch it off as you pack. Check the list one last time before loading your bags into the car and you shouldn’t forget much.

  2. Sherry Kanoy says:

    I always over pack. I want to be prepared for whatever may arise. (which makes me a great room mate, because I probably have what you have forgotten). I always pack a snack bag, even for day trips. I hate spending money for snacks, when I have a pantry full at home. I always have a bottle of water. And my favorite listening pleasure is anything by Bethel or Jesus Culture. I love your stories Mabyn and I love the name of your blog.

  3. Angela says:

    I hear ya on the homebody thing. Our kitchen reno just caused me to spend 3 nights away and even though we STILL don’t have water yet, I insisted on staying in my own bed last night!

    My guilty travel pleasure is stopping for a faux coffee. Starbucks creme frappe if I can, DD coolata if I have to. So happy on Sunday when I found a drive thru Starbucks in Binghamton!!

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