Mason’s First Photo Shoot!

I am such a lucky photographer! Not only do I have the best wedding clients in the world, but they come back to me when they start families! Stay-c & Ronnie were wed two years ago. Their wedding was SO FUN!  You should totally go reminisce like I did.

So yeah, back to the point…my new little model, Mason! He was such a great little guy, he saved all of the pee & poop for his dad! 😉 Barely cried, and worked that camera! He’s a little star in the making! Then as the perfect end to a perfect shoot, Ronnie pulls out a fake mustache!!!  We couldn’t stop laughing, Mason looks like he’s stepped right out of Mario Brothers or something! Ok enough of me chattering on about how cute and amazing Mason is, you should just check him out for yourself! 🙂

Don’t you just want to snuggle him up?!

Welcome to the world Mason! You’re amazing! 🙂

Mustache = best idea ever!

  1. Sarah! says:

    omg I knew that face in the last photo! Ronnie Miller!! Straighter Than Pete. hahahah awww. Congrats to him and his wifey! 🙂 LOVE the stache photos! totally up my alley! 😀