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This week has been so amazing and crazy at the same time! My best friend, Donna, is visiting from sunny Florida! I know, I know, why did she come up to Syracuse? Well because the people here are AWESOME that’s why (present company included ;oP)!!!  Yet I’ve managed to balance play and work pretty well….but then again my work is play! I’m so stinking lucky! When I take a step back and look at everything I am constantly blown away!

Anywho I digress, so Donna got the photography bug from me and has been devouring all she can about it. It’s no surprise that she’s a natural since she’s insanely artistic in all things! One of those said things is makeup and my face is her frequent canvas! So on a sunny afternoon to continue her photog training (My goal is life is to train her to be my right arm and then she’ll move back up here and work for me! eeeeee!!!!) Donna painted me, dressed me up, and took me out to do a photo shoot! At the tail end we took some pictures together…like we always do (you should see my facebook!) and snapped the perfect picture to sum up our friendship! I’ve included it below along with a delicously vintage sneak peek of my You + Me session with Liz and Alton! Ah! I’m drooling with anticipation to edit this bad boy! Enjoy!


Typical Donna and Mabyn, laughing until our stomachs hurt!

Liz & Alton’s You + Me Session featuring The Desserted Attic!

Pure Joy Captured!