Jena & Ben's Wedding Honeoye Falls NY Mabyn Ludke Photography


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When Jena first approached me about capturing her wedding day, she admitted that she had stalked me on Facebook for quite some time. As creepy as that might sound to some people to me it’s one of the sweetest possible things I can ever encounter! When someone tells me how much the connect with my work I know it’s going to be an instantaneous friendship! THEN Jena proceeds to tell me her theme, Alice In Wonderland! Oh wow! Was I ever excited! Not only did I have a bride who trusted me implicitly but also wants to go WAY out of the box with her wedding and engagement session! This was a dream come true for both Jena and I! So through various emails and phone calls and the help from The Deserted Attic girls, we set up this AMAZING set for their You + Me Session. Then I had to wait almost a WHOLE YEAR until their wedding!!!! If you can imagine me as a little girl waiting for Christmas morning, yeah that was pretty much the same feeling I had towards Jena & Ben’s big day! Oh the anticipation!

When the day finally did arrive, Jena’s vision did NOT disappoint! Holy cows all over the place! Literally every detail was perfect! The dress to the pink ties on the guys all the way down to the smallest of tags ment for a romantic paper lantern send off! Even the venue was named the “Rabbit Room!” Every second of that day was me going “OOOOOH! LOOK AT THAT!” “Click!”

So you have this stunning vision combined with a couple who absolutely adore each other and then add in the family & friends that surround them with love and laughter  you can easily imagine me as a kid (again) in a candy store! Yup! So without further adue I present Jena & Ben’s Alice in Wonderland Love Story! Thank you soooooo much for choosing me! It was literally a fairy tale day!


Jena & Ben's Wedding Honeoye Falls NY Mabyn Ludke Photography

Jena & Ben's Wedding Honeoye Falls NY Mabyn Ludke Photography

Jena & Ben's Wedding Honeoye Falls NY Mabyn Ludke Photography

Jena & Ben's Wedding Honeoye Falls NY Mabyn Ludke Photography

How did your fiance propose? While I was truing in the Army I chose 6-2-12 would be our wedding day even thought we went even engaged 🙂 So on 6-2-11 Ben took me to my parents farm (were i thought we were going to get married) and got down on one knee and when i turned around he purposed to me.

Tell me a bit about the planning process for your wedding (how did you pick the venue, colors, funny stories, etc..): My whole life i dreamed about my wedding so when it finally came time to start i knew i absolutely wanted to do a Alice in Wonderland Theme!
When i fell in love with my dress it changed thing… I knew i couldn’t have a farm wedding, just like carrie Bradshaw said “the dress upped the ante”. Thats when i decided to have the wedding at the Lower mill and bc i had fallen in love with my pink sash i had to make the boys wear pink ties so they could tie me into the wedding. Sometimes the dress really does start the wedding planning.

What was the most memorable moment(s) of your day? first- when I got to the wedding location I was so nervous and freaking out, Mabyn went to the third floor of the building and found this amazing room set up for a tea party! All my girls and me went up in it for pictures and it really helped me calm down and relax till ceremony time. second- the moment i saw ben and he was crying it really took me by surprise because he’s not normally a emotional person by any means so it really meant a lot to me.

Funniest memory from your wedding day? When it came time to do the sand ceremony the funnel wasn’t on the table to pour the sand into and with out hesitation one of my bridesmaids ripped her pinwheel to make a funnel out of it, I busted out laughing at how resourceful she was.

If you had to do it all over again would you change anything? picking our DJ. I figured they were all the same so what did it really matter, but it really did matter.  At the end of the day Were married so it was all worth it.

Any advice for future bride & grooms? Enjoy the planning even when it is less the enjoyable, and never forget that in the end you will be married!

What was your favorite part about working with Mabyn Ludke Photography? The whole experience was amazing! Our engagement pictures were perfect. Then, when it came to our wedding day she truly was a ninja… we did all our pictures in the woods and she literally climbed up a hill of leaves and branches to be able to get the perfect shot. Even though so far we have only seen the sneak peak we know our pictures will be breathtaking and just stunning!


 Hair & Makeup: the girls at Realmonte salon//Dress Designer & Store Location: Vera Wang from Davids Bridal//Jewelry: pearl neckless and earrings from macy’s//Shoes: Macys//

Bridesmaids Dresses: Alfred Angelo//Grooms Attire: Calvin Klein suits from Mens Wearhouse//Ceremony Venue: The Lower Mill//Transportation: S & S Limo//DJ: The Pied Piper//Invitations & Stationary: Etsy

Jena & Ben’s Love Story