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They’re back! That crazy creative group, the Reyes Family!! This is their fifth installment! We spent an hour or so at this great little pumpkin farm! Can you believe little Leland is over a year old in these pictures? It seems like just yesterday I captures his new born photos! There will be even more sessions to come as we have found out that Dylana is preggers with her 3rd child! We’ve already started brainstorming what theme’s to go with, I can’t wait!

What a cool spot! Dylana sure knows how to pick em!

Leland is obsessed with apples! He was all over them that day!

The perfect pumpkin!

Look at those mums! Gorgeous color to go with my gorgeous lil’ models!

Happy Birthday Leland!

The Reyes Family Part V : Real Life : Syracuse, NY Lifestyle Portrait Photography