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Andy and I have been good friends for several years now. So when he and his lovely girlfriend Caitlin got engaged I was completely thrilled to be their photographer! Especially since they wanted to do a ski themed You + Me session! You see Caitlin and Andy met at Toggenburg where they both participate as instructors of the Arise program. So a Ski theme was pretty much mandatory!

Mind you I haven’t been up on a pair of ski’s in ages, but I was willing to try my luck at it again for these two! Apparently it’s just like riding a bike, you never forget! Once I had a couple practice runs in me, we ventured up the mountain and got some fantastic winter shots! It was probably one of the last weekends of the season considering we’ve had such an odd winter this year. So I was glad we were able to put it all together. Now it’s just a couple months away before Caitlin and Andy’s beautiful wedding! They’re the first of my official wedding season! YAY!  Enjoy!


Caitlin & Andy’s You + Me Session