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Who are you hiring to take your wedding photographs? A friend with a camera, an amateur, or an artist? The wedding photography industry has dramatically changed in the past 6-10 years. Digital photography allows wedding photographers to express their inner artist more freely. Not to say that film based wedding photographers didn’t do that, it was just less frequent.

Is it really that important to hire an “artist” to shoot your wedding? Well that depends on your point of view. Is photography just another added cost to your day OR an invaluable necessity? Is it  just another day in your life  OR a historic event that will be passed down from generation to generation? Answering these questions will allow you to determine who is best to capture your day.

So what does an artist do differently than your average Joe with a camera?

1) An artist will have devotion for what they are doing & a passion that is unquenchable & so innate that they can’t help but do what they love.

2) An artist will have a different perspective than just your average snap shots. They will put their personal vision into your day.

3) An artist will present you with a polished product from beginning to end. They can’t bear to give you half-finished work so, rest assured that (even if it takes awhile) your photographer is putting many hours of love into your photographs AFTER taking them.

Here are a couple before & afters of my personal work to show that it’s not just about taking photographs that day. Clicking the shutter is not enough, sometimes the camera just doesn’t capture what I see.

I hope this will allow you to re-consider whom you’d like to capture your wedding day & why.

Before                                                                                            After





Who are you hiring to capture your day? : Real Life : Syracuse, NY Wedding Photographer


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It’s Monday again, and that means it’s time for a little pick me up! Especially for you Colts fans. You’re probably hatin on Monday a little more than usual right now.

Lets start with yesterdays big event. The Superbowl….Commercials! Yes, I watch the game for the commercials and the half time show. That stuff in the middle really doesn’t require my attention. (Although I was secretly routing for the Saints! Don’t hate me!)

I think this year brought back some of the Superbowl Commercial glory, although there did seem to be a recourring theme of “Manliness.” Really guys, two no pants commercials back to back? (shudder)

I particularly liked when Snickers used Betty White in their commercial as a football player. Who doesn’t love Betty White?

Also I really loved some of the Doritos ads. My favorite has to be the “Dorito Ninja” in the gym. That was flipping sweet!

I also have to throw out props to Google for their cute “Love Story” commercial. That one was just for the ladies!

The Who rocked the halftime show! Wow!!!

Ok enough of that stuff, in reality the Superbowl is one of the few times you’ll catch me watching sports on TV.

As you saw in my previous post, last week proved to be an early Valentines Day! A new camera to love, adore, and share with the world! I was able to play with the video aspect of my camera over the weekend. I’m hoping there will be some awesomeness to share with you by next week’s installment. So make sure you check back!

Over the weekend I was a judge at the annual Fine Arts Festival out in Baldwinsville. It was a lot of fun getting to help high school students improve upon their photography. I can’t wait to see what they do at states! The festival allows for high school students to express a Christian world view through art. This years theme was “This Changes Everything.” There were categories in music, drama, writing, art, photography, graphic & t-shirt design! Plus sub categoires in all of those as well. It was a unique and exciting experience to participate and such an honor to be thought of as respectable enough to judge others work.

Ok now for some photographic yumminess!

Here is a picture that I just adore, it captures such mood and emotion! Way to go One Love Photo!

And here are some tasty tidbits that I just want to take home with me! YUM! (each picture is linked to where I found it so go ahead and click away!)

Maybe I’ll grow some art this spring…what do you think?

So ends another Marvelous Monday post! I hope the rest of your week is full of joy and sunshine! We could sure use some to warm up Syracuse!!

Marvelous Monday : The Superbowl Edition