Sneak Peeks

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Sooooo, it’s the end of wedding season. Normally I’m up to the hilt in October weddings. Normally. This season has been anything BUT normal. So here we are in the middle of busy season and what do I get to do? Why PLAY! What’s that you say? Playing? How does a photographer play? Well, one way is to have an amazing bride and groom adventure with you down to Chittenango falls and the other is to have your best friend put on a fun dress and douse her in baby powder!  

The first allows me to try things that I wouldn’t normally get to do on a wedding day. Liz & Steve were totally up for everything and we had SO MUCH FUN! The second speaks to my artsy fartsy side. I love creating composite fine art photos, but wedding photography doesn’t allow a lot of time to do that. I’m so glad I have amazing photog friends who push me to always be creative. Below is a behind the scenes shot of our shenanigans. I can’t wait to work on this project!


Liz & Steve’s Rock the Dress at Chittenago Falls

Liz and Steve snuggle up in the fall leaves during their North Carolina Rock the Dress Photo Shoot. Photography by Mabyn Ludke

Behind the Scenes of a Fine Art Composite

Using baby powder is a fun and cheap way to enhance your fine art photos. Behind the scenes taken by Mabyn Ludke Photography

If you Give a Photographer a Camera… – Fun Sneak Peaks! – Syracuse, NY