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So the rest of my days in sunny Florida were extremely packed! Obviously since I haven’t had the chance to blog about them till now…Anywho, let me briefly recap the rest of the trip for you:

Our trip to¬†Tallahassee¬†was extremely successful! Our friend David took us all over the place. We visited the Mission San Luis, the Level 8 Bar (A bar located on the 8th story of a building! Wicked cool!), A farmers marked, the Knott House, plus two amazing restaurants! We then road tripped back to Port St. Lucie to celebrate Donna’s Birthday! I had so much cake it’s not even funny! My last day was spent sunning myself on the beaches, soaking up all I could before heading back to snowy NY! I sure hope some of that sunshine followed me back home!

My trip was all together fantastic! It was so relaxing & fun. I deeply miss my dear friend Donna, but I am grateful for the time we had together. Thank you darling, for showing me an amazing time!



Mission San Luis

I didn’t know Jesus had such amazing hair!

Level 8


The Knott House

Donna’s brithday

I made her cry with lots of Syracuse, NY Love! Mwhahaha!



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