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This past weekend I surpassed 30 and jumped to 31…an insignificant birthday by all normal standards, but in my little world it was extremely important! You see last year I moved away from several of my closest friends. It was the hardest part about moving. I couldn’t see their faces whenever I wanted (although google […]

Birthday Shenanigans – Greensboro, NC

Headshot & Portrait Photographer Greensboro, NC Mabyn Ludke Photography

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve been having a lovely past couple of weeks! I wish I could apologize for my absence last week…but I really can’t! You see I’ve been in sunny Florida for the past week (I’m still there!) shooting weddings, friends, and having an all around FANTASTIC time! My trip started out by flying into […]

The Trip of Awesome: Chapter 1

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This week has been so amazing and crazy at the same time! My best friend, Donna, is visiting from sunny Florida! I know, I know, why did she come up to Syracuse? Well because the people here are AWESOME that’s why (present company included ;oP)!!!  Yet I’ve managed to balance play and work pretty well….but […]

Pure Joy Captured!

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