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There are so many times in life where we get caught up in the business of it all. Life just has a way of giving us demands that keep us wound up around the clock! Then something happens. An every day miracle that makes us stop and remember that life really is magnificent! It is a precious and beautiful occasion that should be celebrated every chance we get! That miracle for me was the birth of Maddox! His parents Kim & Jacob have been my friends for years now. I captured their engagement, wedding, maternity, and now the momentous arrival of their first son!

The whole day was such a whirl wind. I was actually in Binghamton visiting friends when I got a text from Jacob that Kim’s water had broke. I booked it as fast as I could up to St. Joseph’s Hospital where only 2 hours later Maddox would be born. I have always respected and loved Kim as a very dear friend, but I now have a whole new respect for her and all mothers out there! What they endure is far beyond anything I could have imagined and Kim handled it with such peace and grace! When Maddox finally arrived no one spoke for at least a minute or two. We had been waiting so long for him to join us that it was almost unreal he was actually here! Especially since he was almost 4 weeks early! That day will stick out from all the rest. I was so completely honored to be able to capture it all for Kim and Jacob and now for little Maddox. What a special day to have captured forever. Thank you Kim & Jacob! I love you and your beautiful family!


Welcome to the world Maddox! Birth Sessions Mabyn Ludke Photography

Happy Birthday Maddox! A Birth Story