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It’s days like today that I am thankful I don’t have to move more than a few feet to get to my office. It’s been snowing for almost 100 hours straight here in Central NY. It looks like it should be the middle of February rather than December! Luckily, this means Christmas will most likely be white! It’s just not the same when there is nothing but brown grass & leafless tree’s at Christmas time. So, despite the chaos that this much snow so early in the season is creating, I am giving a big thumbs up to the huge snow fall. I get to be comfy & cozy with my egg nog latte and watch as the lake effect builds up over cars, houses, & even my window whilst I whittle away at weddings, engagements, & families!

The view from outside my apartment

You can tell when people aren’t from Central NY! Brooms for snow brushes!

A Soft & Silent Snow : Real Life : Syracuse, NY Wedding, Engagement, & Lifestyle Photographer