4 Tips to choosing better images for you blog. Bride and groom kissing in the rain in Raleigh, NC. Mabyn Ludke Photography


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4 Steps to choosing better images for you blog. Bride and groom kissing in the rain in Raleigh, NC. Mabyn Ludke Photography


Over my 8 years as a wedding photographer, I’ve had a lot of people come to me asking for advice or just wanting to pick my brain. I have so much fun helping other photographers achieve their goals. I love investing and encouraging others and watching them fly. So since this is such a huge part of my heart, I thought it was time to start writing about things I encounter in my business that may help you in yours.

In this instance, this blog is purely my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt.

I’m going to start with a topic that can drive me crazy! I guess you could say it’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine. Images on blog posts. Especially wedding blog posts. Yes, you’re a wedding photographer so you need to post images. Yes, you want to tell the story of the day. But so many photographers “over stuff” their blog posts with unnecessary images. Here is my process of how I select images for my blog posts:

Step 1 – I finish editing the entire wedding before I blog it.
Some photographers snag their favorite images edit those, blog them, and then their done. I just can’t do that. By editing everything I’m allowed to see the full story first and then pick the best images to tell that story without fear of missing something significant to that story.

Step 2 – I don’t post duplicates.
When I post blog images, it’s rare that you’ll see similar photos next to each other unless the emotion is strong enough in both to tell an important part of the story. I get bored if I see too many of the same “type” of picture next to each other. My attention span shortens significantly when I’m looking at a blog with a lot of”similar” photographs. This also goes along the lines of posting too many photos.

Step 3 – I don’t choose the obvious.
When I’m selecting images, I don’t always choose the “big pictures” that you would think. Like the first kiss, exchanging of rings, group formals. Those happen at EVERY wedding. I want to tell the story behind those things.

Step 4 – I post what I want to shoot.
I learned this lesson pretty early in my career and it has really shaped the kind of client I am privileged to work with. Most of my clients come to me raving about the candid moments or the epic romantic shots. Those are the things I love to shoot, therefor those are the images I post on my blog. You see how that works? If I’m posting the things I WANT to shoot then the clients who want those same things are going to find me. In turn, I have some of the most amazing and adventurous clients and I love my job! Wow! Who knew blog images could do all of that? 😉

I hope these steps will help you to create a better story for your blog and in turn bring you more of the target clients you’ve been dreaming of!

Also, if you’d like help or just want to share your gorgeous work, post a link to your blog below! I’d love to check it out.

Happy blogging!


Tip Tuesday – 4 Steps to choosing better images for your blog