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This is a very special blog post for me. Lillian has been one of my best friends for the past 3 years. We’ve lived through a lot together and now she’s getting married! I can’t believe that in 2 weeks I’ll be in Nicaragua standing up with her as she ties the knot to the man of her dreams, Felipe! She’s there now getting things ready, but before they left we managed to sneak in a super fun engagement shoot!

We started on the Centro bus line, why the bus you ask? That’s where Lillian and Felipe met and started their romance. See, it can happen ANYWHERE! We then visited a couple locations that have special meaning to them both.

I wont be able to take pictures of their wedding since I’ll be Lillian’s MOH. Wow, I’ll in IN FRONT of the camera for once! This is scary! Though I am fully put at ease, because Lillian and Felipe booked Gina Meola and her husband Marcus Murphy to shoot their destination wedding. They are very talented photographers and ¬†friends of mine, I have no doubt that they will be AMAZING!!

I will however, be blogging my trip there and all the wonderful events that will take place during the week leading up to the most anticipated date of my summer! August 29th!

So here are some of my favorite images for their engagement session! I also did Lillian’s bridals, but I can’t show you those yet! Soon! Very Soon!

Waiting at the bus stop!

oooooo the bus of loooOOOoooveeeee! ;oP

They’re such a serious couple…

This is my fave from the bus location

This is a trail that Lillian and Felipe walked their dog Ragnar frequently. Ragnar passed away not too long after these pictures were taken. Let it be known, that I have never enjoyed the company of a dog as much as Ragnar’s. He was magnificent and he will be greatly missed!

Lastly, the cool used book store! Sooo many neat things to do here! I wish we had more time!

They clean up well don’t they?

Lillian & Felipe : You + Me : Syracuse, NY Engagement Photography