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Picture this, a beautiful autumn day where the surrounding tree’s are shades of orange and gold. The wind blows gently as you make your way down a winding path, acorns fall making a soft rustle as you walk. Slowly, but surely the path widens into a stone walk way and right before you is a beautiful stone castle complete with drawbridge! Sounds like I just described the beginning of a movie or a scene out of a book right? Guess what, that was my introduction to the Castle McCulloch near High Point, NC when I went there for Brook’s bridal portrait session! From the moment I laid my eyes on this place, I knew I was in for a treat!

Brook met me there and we had an amazing morning of creating some gorgeous portraits, but also some of my favorite “artsy” pieces. There were so many beautiful pockets of light and unique spaces in and out of the Castle. It makes it even more enjoyable when your bride is pretty much up for anything that I asked, even if she did get a bit dizzy from all of the spins I made her do! But just look at the pictures, totally worth it!

If you’re on the fence about whether to do a bridal session or you’re afraid of getting your dress dirty, maybe this session will change your mind and you’ll get to create some amazing artwork to hang on your walls!

Next week I’ll share Brook & Drew’s EPIC wedding at the Castle McCulloch! Stay tuned!



Brook’s Bridal Session at the Castle McCulloch in High Point, NC