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I am surrounded by some of the most kind and loving people. This became very evident when Daniel & I started planning a whirl wind event that took place 3 months from our engagement. Our gorgeous day would not have been nearly as beautiful or as meaningful if it weren’t for those who jumped on board and helped us with so many details. Little did Daniel know, that when he contacted Ariana & Brian of Silver Feather Studios to document our engagement, that he had tapped into a dear friendship that would go on to create something that is so poignant and beautiful that words can’t aptly describe how I feel.

Our wedding video doesn’t just recap our beautiful wedding day, but it tells the story of friendship, celebration, and life. Of new beginnings and heart breaking endings. It tells the story of the love of Jesus that we hold so tightly to our hearts. As I said earlier, there aren’t words to say how incredible this video is, but you can watch it and see for yourselves. Make sure you have plenty of tissues at the ready, it’s a roller coaster of emotions that blend perfectly. I am a huge fangirl of Brian’s mad cinematic skills, and I’m also pretty biased since it means so much, but I truly thing this is the best thing he’s created yet. It’s brilliant. Thank you Ariana and Brian for being there every step, every tear, and every toothy laugh. Daniel & I are so blessed to have you both in our lives and I can’t wait for many more wonderful adventures together!


Plus they gave us this super sweet gift box! We feel so loved! <3


Mabloggyn – The Wedding of Mr. & Mrs. MEH – Wedding Video