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Kar-Lai and Zoran are both very good friends of mine. Recently Kar-Lai moved down to Florida for an amazing missionary possition. Yet she and Z wanted to keep their relationship going! They’re not engaged, no You + Me sessions arern’t just for the engaged couples, they’re for ANY couples! Dating, Engaged, Anniversary, it’s a great way to document your relationship without anything dating your pictures. It’s just YOU!

So when Kar-Lai came home to visit, she and Z wanted to talk photography. Both of them are very talented and wanted to pick my brain, so we had a great lunch downtown and then proceeded to do some tutorials and such. The last 20 minutes or so I made them model for me and here’s the result! 🙂



Couples Photography Mabyn Ludke Photography

Kar-Lai & Zoran’s You + Me Session