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Happy Black Friday everyone! I hope your Thanksgiving was full of the blessings of family & friends. I was so thankful to spend quality time with those I love. During wedding season my time is very limited, so it was wonderful to have my parents, all of my brothers, their families, and my aunt and uncle together once more! I soaked it all in and ate a gut busting amount of turkey and stuffing! YUM! Although I’d have to say my favorite part of this years food was my brother, Ben’s, pickled beans! Every year I ask for pickles for Christmas, this year, it’s pickles AND beans! Sooooo delicious!

As for Black Friday, I’m spending it hunkered down behind my computer. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some shopping! But, I am not a fan of hoards of people in small places, standing in line for hours on end, just to get 30% off a sweater or a toy car. I’ll either wait until this Friday is over and then venture out, make my own gifts, or buy stuff online. I don’t like to stress buy, it just ends in me spending more money then I actually should. Holiday debt? No thanks!

Anywhooooo, let’s get to the GOOD STUFF! Like Eileen & Mike’s wonderful wedding day!!!

I met Eileen & Mike through Mike’s sister Jenny. She so sweetly recommended me to her brother and once we met, BAM! There was no other choice, I couldn’t let anyone else photograph their wedding, they were just too wonderful! And luckily, they thought the same of me!

I met Eileen at her parents home that day, where there were several little munchkins running around the house playing and laughing. You could tell that Eileen loved it, her face was all a glow! Or maybe that was because she was thinking about marrying the man of her dreams, Mike! I like to think it was the latter of the two! We went to the church where we met up with more little munchkins and got ready for the service. 9 beautiful children ushered Eileen down the isle that day with beautiful chiming bells! It was a beautiful ceremony, where Mike even made the preist laugh out loud! That is typical Mike, always making sure you have a smile on your face! I couldn’t stop laughing any time he was around! We had a blast with formals at Skaneateles Lake and then ventured to the Marietta house to a rockin’ party! It was such a beautiful fall day, and I was so privileged to be part of it! Thank you so much Eileen and Mike!


The Details

Hair: Laurie Merola

Makeup Artist: Me

Dress: Davids Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: Davids Bridal

Tuxes: Tuxedo Junction

Venue: Marietta House

Florist: Kate Hewitt Swete-  Kates Garden Gate

Transportation: S & S

DJ: Jack Jones  — Jones Tones

Caterer: Marietta House

Cake: Mimi’s

Their Songs:

First Dance: Harvest Moon-  Neil Young

Father/Daughter: Father Daughter- Paul Simon

Mother/Son: What a Wonderful World

Introductions: It’s a Beautiful Day – U2

About the day:

Bride & Groom:

What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Having a blast, dancing with each other on the dance floor!

What was your favorite detail?

We can’t decide…LOVED the table settings, with the candles, fall leaves, pumpkin escort cards and the favors.

Any advice for future bride & grooms?

Enjoy every minute of your wedding because it goes by so fast.

Funniest memory from your wedding day?

When Mike made the priest laugh during his homily

If you had to do it all over, would you change anything?

Not one thing, everything was perfect! The best day ever.

What was your favorite wedding purchase?

The photographer of course!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Planning to go to St. Lucia in February

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Eileen’s smile is so beautiful! See what I mean about the “glow”?!

5 & 6)

So precious!


8 & 9)


It’s almost time Dad!


12 & 13)



16 & 17)


These smiles were permanently attached that day!




22 & 23)

24 & 25)

26 & 27)

28 & 29)




My favorite of the day!





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Eileen & Mike’s Real Love Story : Syracuse, NY Wedding Photographer


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Ok, so you’ll have to forgive me a little bit, I know my blog posts are already ridiculously long, but this one is a TAD bit longer.

Why you ask? Well because one of my absolute favorite, bestest, friends in the whole wide world got marrried! Thats why!! So I have to gush just a little bit more than I usually would over how much I adore this couple! So you’ll just have to put up with my craziness for a little bit longer! haha!

Jordan and I have been friends for almost 6 years now. He’s been a constant strength in my life and I am so blessed to have him as a friend. He’s seen me through thick and thin, and he’s been there when few else have. I will always cherish the dinners, movie nights, conversations, wine tasting, game nights, and everything else that we have shared! I hope I am as lucky as he has been to find his absolute perfect match!

Oh Amanda, how much I love you too! As soon as you came into my life it was magic! We constantly laugh about how similar we are in every way, but I truely believe that God made you just for Jordan! You have also seen me through a lot since I met you, you’ve been wise counsel, you’ve been a smile that warms my heart, and you’ve been a belly laugh like no other. Those moments with pizza & wine, tv shows, and just good conversation will always be close to my heart!

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the both of you and how absolutely wonderful your wedding day was! Though a hurricane threatened to ruin everything, God held his hand over the weather just for you! There were so many moments that I had to extend the photos to 47! I think you two now hold the record for how many blog photos i’ve put up! So many beautiful moments, I really wish I could share the whole wedding with the world! Thank you so much for asking me to be your photographer, it was an immense honor and blessing! I love you both!


The Details

Hair: Marnie Anderson – Creations Salon

Makeup Artist: Donna Cuoco

Dress: David’s Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s

Tuxes: Suits owned by the guys

Venue: Syracuse Alliance Church, Syracuse NY and Gillie Lake at Veteran’s Park, Camillus NY

Florist: Flowers provided by The Wescott Florist and arranging by Patricia Manwaring

Transportation: Andrew Colicci – friend of the bride

DJ: Nathan Southwick and Richard Oberst

Caterer: Harbor Brook Catering

Cake: Lacey English

Wedding Planner: Amanda and Jordan Manwaring

Their Songs:

First Dance: Everything – Lifehouse

Father/Daughter: Cinderella – Steven Curtis Chapman

Introductions: James Bond Theme

About the day:

Bride & Groom:

What was the most memorable moment of your day?

Our dance. It was as if it was just is and I almost forgot that we had a whole audience watch is move across the dance floor.

What was you favorite detail?

All of the origami at the reception on the tables.

Any advice for future bride & grooms?

You can plan a simple wedding in a short period of time (ours was three months) and still make it beautiful and an event your friends and family will enjoy.

Funniest memory from you wedding day?

How can we answer this? Jordan sweating profusely under the very hot lights and our flower girl being very thorough in her job and dumping the basket of flowers all at the end of the isle. Both of which got huge laughs from all of our attendants (and us).

If you had to do it all over, would you change anything?

Amanda: Make sure that all the dress details, like what was worn underneath was a bit more streamline and avoided a wardrobe malfunction!

Jordan: Make sure that the AC is on in the church. It gets hot in those suits.

What was your favorite wedding purchase?

The food.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

The Dane Emerson House, Ithaca NY

What is your favorite wedding photo and why?

The zombie wedding party photo. Hands down.

Meet one of my besties, Jordan!

1 & 2)

Tim was a pirate that day…Yarrrrr


Last single pee….yep his brother recorded it!



GQ anyone?


7 & 8)


10 & 11)

Isn’t she lovely? Stevie wrote that song for you!


13 & 14)

Nerves or hams before the wedding? I’m not sure which!


16 & 17)

Jordan’s Mom is in the background, this shot makes me tear up every time!


19 & 20)


It was a bit hot under those lights!


Typical them…I LOVE them!



Zombie attack!!!



27 & 28)

Amanda is so joyful! Alllllll theeeee time!


My 2 faves from the day!

30 & 31)

Can you believe they did the origami for every table themselves?!


They were oblivious to the world during their first dance. So in love!

33 & 34)


36 & 37)



The guys sang a song for them, it was fabulous! I was laughing the whole time!


sooooo sweet!

41 & 42)

43 & 44)

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Amanda & Jordan’s Real Love Story : Syracuse, NY Wedding Photographer