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If you follow me on facebook, then you know that I’ve had a very serious dilema…To stay with Canon…or switch to Nikon.


(Insert general commentary on what you think is the best brand blah blah blah!)



Well, after months of debating, seeking out others advice, and trying out both options, (The Canon 5d mark ii or the Nikon d700) I have finally bought a new camera. She arrived today and I did my little happy dance in my office!



So without further adue please welcome my new baby to the family!

Yes, I am sticking with my ever faithful Canon! There are several large factors that went into my decision. Here they are in no particular order:

1) Finances. Upgrading was going to cost me no matter what, but it would have cost me a great deal more to switch things over to Nikon.

2) My wrists: I’ve had wrist issues in the past with my 5d. Pile my 70-200 + my gip + my flash on there and you’ve got a hefty piece of equipment! The 5d ii is lighter than both the original 5d and the d700

3) Education: I’m already familiar with the Canon system. Switching over to Nikon would have somewhat of a learning curve since their controls are almost backwards from Canons. In the future I may take it on, but in my first year of a solo business I have A LOT of education on my plate.

4) Video: The d700 does not include the awesome video feature that the mark ii has. Granted I wont use it often, but it’s a nice thing to play with! This was more of a perk than a deciding factor.

So there you have it. Criticize me if you’d like, but I’ve made my choice and I’m 100% positive that this is the perfect fit. I’m sure some of you Nikon lovers are¬†disappointed, but don’t count my conversion out. It may still happen…you never know!

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