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Sometimes clients just “get” you. They see your work, read your blog, and instantly they feel a connection! Katie and Mike are two such people. We have mustual friends in common. Susan & Chris showed their wedding pictures to Katie and Mike and that was it! Katie contacted me and booked me on the spot! WOW! We didn’t even get to meet until their You + Me session at the NY State Fair! Instantly we fell into a friendship like we had known each other for ages. I am SO excited to shoot their 2012 wedding!

Ok now onto the actually photo shoot part. Originally Katie and Mike were going to do a pretty simple theme and then Katie asked me if we could do the fair instead. Bright colors, crazy people, and amaaaaazing light!  Twist my arm! 😉 So we spent a splendiliquent afternoon/evening bashing around the fair, making people part like the red sea, and eating deliiiiiiicious food! I am so excited to have made two new amazing friends! Yay! Now onto the photographs!


Katie & Mike’s You + Me Session