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Education. What’s your point of view? Do you despise the word, associating it with hours of tedious reading, flash cards, paper writing, etc… Or do you thrill at the idea of expanding your horizons? Do you geek out when you get an opportunity to learn something new?

To be honest I’m a little of both. But, as I get older I think I’m leaning more towards the geek out side…yeah…I’m definitely a geek!

So to all you other geeks out there, I’m offering an opportunity! I can’t give you college credits or anything, but I can give you some of my knowledge.

Shoot me an email via my contact page to set up your consult! 🙂

Expanding your Horizons


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This year has be so interesting so far! Not only have I branched off on my own, gotten an office space, but my cliental is in flux as well. Normally most of my brides are local with the exception of one or two who come in from out of state. This year it’s about half and half! More and more couples are seeing Central NY as a destination spot! I don’t blame them, CNY can be absolutely stunning! With the finger lakes, rolling hills, and gorgeous foliage I find myself blessed to live here. Most people would complain about the snow, but I think it’s a small price!

So in honor of my out of state bride & grooms who don’t get to meet with me in person right away and therefor can’t see the products I offer,  I’ve decided to feature 2 of my favorite products! My custom designed photo guestbook & my 11×14 custom designed album! (The 9×12 is the same, just smaller)

I will also be featuring more products in the future. Enjoy!



The Custom Designed Photo Guestbook is typically comprised of images from your You + Me Session

It comes with a photo cover

A lot of white spaces or faded images for people to sign on

Plus, the mat finish is great for felt tip pens

The guestbook pages are hinged so they lay flat & they’re thicker than normal pages so no fear of tearing!

I love looking through the guestbook at the end of the reception. It’s always full of well wishes, bits of advice, & personal stories. It’s like a wedding yearbook that you’re much more likely to pull of the shelf 20 years form now!

I don’t like to sell stuff. It’s obnoxious to me when people “push” the products that they have. So for me, I only offer a few things and I absolutely 100% ADORE what I offer.

I’m not gonna lie, the 11×14 album is my favorite product. When I get married, this is going to be the featured event on my coffee table!

My layouts are simple & clean to focus on your story.

Notice that the seem isn’t cut like in the guestbook. This also insures a clean flow and no odd cutoffs.

The pages are UBER thick! There is no way (unless you take a hacksaw to it) that these pages are going to rip!

The company I use also hand binds every album! I just know that they will pass the test of time. Just think of your grandkids saying “Wow, look at grandma & grandpa on their wedding day!”

I have several leather options and the cover is flexible as well when it comes to featuring an image(s) on the cover or not.

(All cover images by finao)

Custom Designed Albums : Real Life : Syracuse, NY Engagement & Wedding Photography


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Let me start with a disclaimer: This is in no way a dig against tuxedos. They look great! Its just…well…they’re “typical,”

and we all know how I feel about “typical“….

So today’s blog is all about the anti-tuxedo!

Guys, instead of getting a mass produced, non fitted, weird smelling, rental tux, why not invest in a suit that you could use years down the line? Or if your feeling really crazy….how about some nice pants, funky suspenders, and a bow tie?!

Though the Gents may not get much of a say in the whole wedding process, what you wear IS important! So THINK about it! Make sure what you wear fits your personality & style!

Here are a few images from Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, & Erin Ever After to get your mind a ticking!

For the Guys : Real Style