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Over the past few months, I’ve had the extreme privileged to document 23 weddings! Every single bride & groom had a beautiful and unique day! It was so wonderful to capture their stories and create memories that will last a lifetime. If you’re a consistant reader of my blog, then you know that for every wedding in the 2010 season you’ve had the ability to vote for your favorite photograph! Well here they are! Your top choice for every wedding in the 2010 season!
This is the final round. Each favorite photograph has a corresponding bubble at the bottom of the post. Choose your ABSOLUTE favorite from the season and VOTE! The couple that receive the most votes will win a free canvas of that image!!! Also, that image will featured as my new fanpage Facebook photo for the next 6 months!
Here are the rules, regulations, and suggestions:
1) You can only vote once, so choose wisely!
2) The more you Email,  Facebook, Twitter, or Blog about this contest, the better your chances of winning that canvas!
3) The contest will officially be over on Sunday December 19th at 11:59pm!
READY! SET! GO!!!!!!!!!
Sarah & Carl
Emily & Christian
Alyse & Dylan
Wendy & Dave
Laura & Peter
Erika & Justin
Stacy & Steven
Mary & Charlie
Jamie & Buddy
Kate & Paul
Christie & Matt
Ashley & Tony
Amanda & Jordan
Stephanie & David
Leah & Matt
Grace & Chad
Sally & Troy
Jen & Tony
Julia & Lee
Mackenzie & Kevin
Eileen & Mike
Kate & Brian
Denise & Roman
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