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When it comes to arranging your personal brand photoshoot, it’s tempting to reach out to your go-to family or wedding photographer. After all, you’re comfortable with them, and perhaps their rates seem more budget-friendly. But let me share why opting for a photographer who specializes in brand photography is truly the superior choice, and here’s […]

7 Reasons to Choose a Personal Brand Photographer for Your Next Shoot

Juliana Kathman, from Organized by Juliana, poses with a jar of flour in hand, surrounded by a shelf of jars. Photo by Mabyn Ludke Photography in Statesville, NC.

When cultivating your brand, headshots are a key ingredient. They are like a virtual handshake allowing your audience to see the face behind the curtain of your business. Typically, when we think of headshots, what comes to mind are those stiff, sterile photos that make us feel more like deer caught in headlights than confident […]

Headshot trend for 2024

Lee Yokeley of EXP Realty welcomes you home. Photo by Mabyn Ludke Photography in Statesville, NC

A Hidden Gem in Charlotte Alexander Homestead is a pristine and beautiful wedding venue located right in the heart of Charlotte! It’s truly a hidden gem in the middle of a busy city. I had the honor of an interview with Mallory from the Alexander Homestead. Daniel & I will be returning to there later […]

Alexander Homestead Charlotte, NC | Friday Feature

The ceremony gazebo at Alexander Homestead

The DIY Guide to Taking Christmas Family Photos I’m a really terrible Christmas card photo planner. Every year I intend to have one of my amazing photographer friends capture a few shots of Daniel and I, but life always gets in the way. 2 weeks before Christmas I scramble to take a few shots myself […]

The DIY Guide to Taking Christmas Family Photos

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