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I’m no Tim Allen…and maybe that’s a good thing. I’m more of carefree Martha Stewart…sans the sweat shops! 😉 I love everything about interior design! Unfortunately my apartment complex doesn’t let me paint the walls so I’ve had to find other ways to curb my thirst for it. As of late that thirst has ravaged on because I haven’t had the time! For the past 2 weeks my apartment has been in a state of disarray. Old magazines have teetered on the brink of an avalanche, bare white walls solemnly stared into my soul, and dust bunnies multiplied like…well…bunnies! I’ve had the same furniture, photos, and color scheme for quite awhile now. So finally, I bit the bullet and started the redecorating process. I gave myself 2 weeks to completely rearrange, redesign, and refinish my apartment….that is a TALL order! Let’s just say it’s not finished…BUT it’s in a much better place. I’ll be posting photos when it’s all done, for now though I thought I’d share one of the big projects. My coffee table! I decided it was too boring so here’s my process:

I painted this table almost 6 years ago after deciding to move out to the ‘Cuse. Here’s the 2nd version of it after I purchased it for $10 at a garage sale.

I went to my favoritest website ever, Pinterest, and looked up how to refinish a table and then distress it.

The most time consuming part was the stripping process. I got an eco-friendly paint stripper and went at it. My table has a lot of nooks and crannies so I wasn’t able to get the paint completely off, but for my purposes that’s ok. I wanted some of the white paint to remain.

I then found this FABULOUS light turqoise color at Home Depot. I got a high gloss enamel (best for furniture) and went to town. I only wanted 1 coat and I didn’t really care how perfect it was.

After the paint had dried (about 24 hours) I took 120 grade sand paper and focused mainly on the edges and little bit on a flat surfaces to give it that worn & vintage feeling. Then voila! I had a new focus point to my apartment! WOW! I love it! 🙂

Alright, I hope you enjoyed my home improvement section of my blog….now onto some delicious sneak peeks to keep you salivating for more!

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