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I am a big supporter of local music. Especially when the band is extremely talented and personable. You can be the most amazing band in the world, but if your a bunch of jerk faces (thats my technical term ;0P) then I wont be listening to your latest CD.

Fazeshift is not only┬ámassively┬átalented and personable, but they’ve become great friends of mine! All three guys have wonderful personalities and I adore getting to hang out with them! It’s easy to see that they are passionate about their music. Every show they play it’s written all over their faces. I’m very excited for the Fazeshift boys, lots of things are happening in their music world and I won’t be suprised if they become superstars in the next couple years!

This particular photoshoot was at Funk & Waffles, I urge you to go buy the Fazeshift CD it’s fantastic!

Fazeshift : Real Life