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Education. What’s your point of view? Do you despise the word, associating it with hours of tedious reading, flash cards, paper writing, etc… Or do you thrill at the idea of expanding your horizons? Do you geek out when you get an opportunity to learn something new?

To be honest I’m a little of both. But, as I get older I think I’m leaning more towards the geek out side…yeah…I’m definitely a geek!

So to all you other geeks out there, I’m offering an opportunity! I can’t give you college credits or anything, but I can give you some of my knowledge.

Shoot me an email via my contact page to set up your consult! 🙂

Expanding your Horizons


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The next two posts are full of people I love. I am so excited to finally share these images with you! I’ve been waiting for a BIG moment which has finally happened…but i’m saving that till next post! 😉

I’d like to introduce you to the Shroyer family, Mike, Ami, J Michael, and Sadiella! Mike and I have been friends for years, literally, he was one of my camp counselors when I was a kid at Casowasco! Since then we’ve seen each others ups and downs, relocations, and families grow. I was  privileged to visit them in NC back in November of 09. I was able to allocate a whole week to Shroyer time! Sooooo fabulous! It’s always tough when I have to leave, they’re absolutely wonderful, and I’ve been tempted (more than once) to move to where they are. Not that they don’t suggest it every chance they get :mrgreen: . But, God has me here in cold and snowy NY for now. Maybe one day I’ll get to join them in the warm and sunny Carolinas!

Every time I look at these pictures I’m flooded with wonderful memories. I can’t wait until I get to visit them again! I miss them so much!

The Shroyers : Real Life