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How many photos can we take in sixty seconds? Apparently way more than I thought! I was so excited to finally get to visit Craggy Gardens in Asheville, NC. Due to the weather in NC, our photo shoot with Jenny & Bryan of had gotten rescheduled twice already! The weather report said there was a chance this time and we took it!
Jenny & Bryan are the amazing videographers behind HeartIsTree Studios! We made sure we had plenty of time to shoot and got to Asheville early, met for dinner, and started to drive up the mountin. As we drove things started to look sketch. Up until that point it had been sunny with short passing rain storms that lasted 5 minutes at most. I was confident that was all we would get at Craggy. However, the further we went up the mountain, the darker the clouds got, and my heart started to sink. We arrived at the Craggy Gardens visitor center minutes before the storm engulfed us. Even then, we risked the rain and started to shoot. As you can guess, it didn’t take long for the sprinkles to turn into a water fall of rain and we ran back to our cars.
A light rain we actually welcome. We love shooting in it and creating some epic photographs! But, when it down pours and lightening strikes, we know it’s not safe for us and our gear! So back down the mountain we drove, discouraged but not broken!
We’ve already made plans for another attempt in just a few weeks! I’m now more excited to make it to the pinnacle of Craggy Gardens. Jenny & Bryan’s range of emotion in sixty seconds is spectacular. I especially love the series where you can see Jenny & Bryan’s reaction to the pouring rain! Priceless!
I’m so happy we tried to get this session done. Not only did we get some serious quality time with two new friends, but we have a hilarious story to share with everyone! One day we will conquer Craggy! I promise!



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A Quick Craggy Gardens Rainy Photo Shoot – Jenny & Bryan