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I mentioned in the last vlog that I was working on a series of videos. This is the first of several…and hands down the most ridiculous….although the Harry Potter review will be pretty close…

My disclaimer is that this randomness & ridiculousness might not be appropriate for small children, people over the age of 50, and if you’re pregnant or could be pregnant….ok well not really…but it IS pretty crazy and somewhat embarrassing. But I love ya’ll so I’m willing to share! 😉 This is pretty much what I did my entire week & 1/2 of vacation and I’ve found that laughter really is the perfect medicine! 🙂 I introduce to you Donna, Kar-Lai, and Myself as the most ridiculous trio you will ever see! Enjoy!


[youtube width=”625″ height=”544″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgaKvXrcazg&list=UUvcP_dXHCk2VMkcSDjzqZkA&index=1&feature=plcp[/youtube]

How We Do In Florida….