engagement sessions can never have too many hugs and kisses in Mabyn Ludke's opinion


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When it comes to an engagement session, you don’t need much to make it fantastic! Some couples choose to come up with a theme, other’s bring props, sometimes pets are involved too. The one thing that I can’t recommend enough for your engagement session is LOVE! I mean, of course you love each other. DUH! That’s why you’re getting married, but a lot of couple’s don’t feel comfortable showing that love in public, aka the dreaded PDA! But here’s the thing, love doesn’t have to mean making out in public! Of course a smooch here and there is preferable, but sometimes just simply holding hands or giving each other a hug is enough to create a gorgeous moment you’ll have forever. Remember this is about YOUR love story. I could force you to kiss all session long, but if I did that, it wouldn’t be YOUR STORY. I’d much prefer to capture the little quirks and gestures you have together as a couple.

Katie & Corey are a perfect example of all the “little things” moments. The one rule I gave them during the session was to ALWAYS be holding onto each other. I didn’t tell them how to hold each other or pose them like paper dolls, I gave them the freedom to be a couple however they saw fit. Just look at all the different ways they love each other?! Isn’t it fantastic!

Their wedding was pretty incredible too…but that’s another blog post!



A cute couple walks hand in hand in a gorgeous summer field in North Carolina by Mabyn Ludke Photographysnuggles & hugs in sunny North Carolina are perfect way to say I love you in your photo shoot with Mabyn LudkeSummer skies and sweet looks are Mabyn's favorite things to shootMabyn Ludke loves capturing couples in fields at golden hourengagement sessions can never have too many hugs and kisses in Mabyn Ludke's opinion

The Triad in NC is the perfect spot for a sweet summer engagement session with Mabyn Ludke Photography!

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Katie & Corey’s You + Me Session – Baldwinsville, NY