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Today I get to celebrate my Mom. Who she is, what she stands for, and who she’s help me become.

Ann Ludke has always been an exceptional role model for myself, and any young woman for that matter. She is caring, generous, understanding, uplifting, reasonable, level headed, determined, goal oriented, loving, kind, and in love with Jesus Christ. Though at times she and I have butted heads, especially when I was a teen (Thank you Mom for putting up with that!) I have always respected her wisdom. She had guided me to have a realistic view of the world but at the same time has always supported my lofty dreams! I’ve even surprised her a couple times when I’ve achieved those dreams! I wouldn’t have done it with out her though.

Though I may always be a starving artist, 😉   she continues to instill advice, values, and wisdom to her young, detirmined, goal oriented daughter, and her two older brothers.

Now that both of my parents are retired, they seem to enjoy life even more than I remember. I am so honored to be able to start a new chapter in my relationship with my Mom. Now that she has more free time, I’ve been able to teach her a couple of things; answering email in her Jammies, chatting on gmail chat. She might even get a facebook soon! *GASP!* She’s becoming a Thouroughly Modern Mother!

Her life continues to be overflowing with life & love. Especially now with a 1 year old grandson to keep up with! Her days are abundant and joyful and her face reflects it every time I see her!

I hope you all take the time to appreciate how special & influential mothers are!

I love you Mom!

Happy Mothers day!

Happy Mother’s Day! : Real Love