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For a long time, I thought my job was the thing that would fulfill my life. Once I was a professional photographer it would ALL fall into place right? I mean photographers have the best life ever and I’ll have all this time to be creative and do the things I love! The perfect life….Yeah right.

The reality of being a photographer who runs her own business smacked me pretty hard in the face. I was working tirelessly for years before I realized that my life had become my job. Now don’t get me wrong, photography & I will always be intertwined. It’s in my DNA to be a photographer, however, my family & friends would like to see me outside of the random occasion when I’ve decided my vitamin D deficiency needs some help. I realized that I needed to make time to have a life and ENJOY that life.

Once I did that, I quickly came to realize that outside of photography…I din’t have any hobbies…I was a pretty boring Mabyn. Since that reality check, I have discovered parts of my self or unburied treasures that had laid dormant for a long time. These treasures were quickly deemed “adventures” in my world. They ranged from silly YouTube videos to traveling to a new location in search for the perfect coffee shop! These new adventures filled my soul with a buoyancy that I desperately needed!

We need to have things outside of our daily routine that provide us with excitement and joy. Things that may be new or push us to go further. I quickly took on a mentality of “why not?” My friends things I’m a few cards short of a deck for this, but it’s proved to be very beneficial. The concept is if there’s something that interests me (within reason) whether it be a new skill or an opportunity that I want to learn/do then why not give it a try? This has lead to a YouTube channel, really incredible trips, & some new skills! Granted you can’t have adventures all the time, but man when you do, they’re so much fun!

Oh BTW side note, the whole reason I’m blogging this today is because it’s April 23rd. On this day in 2011 Dr. Who aired The Impossible Astronaut for the first time. You get extra awesome points if you “remember” why this is significant.

2015-04-23 11.02.34

So if you didn’t know that I’m a Whovian…then you’ve probably been living under a rock or Netflix binging for the past 5 years of your life (to which I give you triple the awesome points). Well if you know anything about Dr. Who, then you know that the 10th Dr. was pretty fantabulous and quickly found his way to my heart. Not only was he an amazing Doctor and actor, but he has a big beautiful heart that makes me love him more. So you can only imagine the high pitch squeal that resonated through Panera bread when I found out he was coming to Raleigh!

My good friends Ariana & Brian jumped on the adventure train and we all bought tickets to Wizard World to meet David Tennant and enjoy the general geekiness of the event.

Wizard World is HUGE, we entered the giant conference center in Raleigh and just stood in awe of it all!


We then of course took awesome selfies because…SELFIES!

Then Ari & I promplty jumped in line to meet our favorite Doctor of all time. I managed to catch up popping up to peak at the crowd. Super happy David Tennant!


What do you say to someone you’re only going to meet for maybe 30 seconds and have them sign a photo? “Thank you for taking the time to come all the way from the UK to visit Raleigh.” In those few seconds he was genuine, warm, and appreciative, not something that many people in his position would be. I didn’t fan girl (woohoo!), I didn’t make a spectacle, I just appreciated his time and valued who he is and thats all you can do really.


During our line time we met a fantastic cosplayer, sam, we had so much fun chatting with her in line that I had no idea it took us an hour & 1/2 to get up to David. Here she is right after meeting him!

Make sure you check her out at The Bad Wolfe!


Ari & I had similar expressions after meeting David.


Totally worth it!


We then got to meander around the rest of the convention enjoying the plethora of geek that surrounded us.





Or…ride away….


The artists were INCREDIBLE!



You do this…I put it on the interwebz…Okay? Okay.


Guys, GUYZ! The cosplay was rockin’ and fed my soul…I seriously need to learn how to sew! Maybe a new adventure is a-brewin?




Overall it was an afternoon well spent! No regrets, awesome memories, and new adventures on the horizon! I hop you find your adventure soon!





Adventures in Wizard World – A Photographers Journey – Raleigh, NC