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When two people who have impeccable style and make friends where ever you go, it’s obvious their wedding with be nothing but amazing! Shannon & Derek’s Glam Gibbes Museum of Art wedding was on point in every way. You couldn’t find a more glamorous couple in Charleston that day.

Southern Charm

When we arrived in Charleston we took a bit to explore the cobblestone streets strewn with historic architecture nestled in with ancient oaks who’s long branches hovered over the city like protective arms. It’s a beautiful city that brings me back to movies like Forrest Gump and The Notebook. It’s almost surreal to be in the middle of it all. Right in the heart of Charleston is the Gibbes Art Museum. A stately building filled with beautiful classical works. Their courtyard outback is finely manicured and the perfect location for Shannon & Derek’s party of the year.

Elegance and Glam

Shannon and Derek’s taste didn’t stop at their choice of city & venue. Oh no, they hired the best team possible to create an atmosphere of glamor and elegance at Gibbes. Every beautiful detail was perfectly in place. And let’s not forget about fashion. Oh, this was the part I was looking forward to the most. Shannon & Derek’s style is hard to contend with. I was just as excited to see Derek’s outfit as I was to see Shannon’s gown! Neither disappointed when they came out in their black and white duds.

The Event of the Year

As the ceremony drew near, people found their seats…until there weren’t any left. This event had standing room only! It was clear to see how well loved these two were with almost every guest on their list attending. So as the ceremony closed and the party ensued, it was no surprise to see the dance floor packed all night long!

Shannon & Derek live their lives to the fullest and their wedding was the perfect example of that ideal. Thank you for choosing us to capture it for you! We loved every moment!


This group of vendors was incredible! A huge thank you from us for creating such an amazing event to photograph! Event Coordination: Yoj Events // Florals: Stephanie Gibbs Events // DJ: Other Brother Entertainment // Caterer: Salt House Catering // Cinematography: Christopher Danger Mendrala // Rentals: Eventhaus & 428 Main // Ceremony Music: Jon Rooks // Lighting: PDA Stage // Hair & Makeup: Pink Dot Beauty Bar

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Glam Gibbes Museum of Art Wedding | Shannon & Derek


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There is nothing quite like kicking wedding season off with a fantastic destination! This could be a new trend (that I’m TOTALLY okay with). Last year we kicked off 2017 in NY and this year we traveled up to the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia! Lauren & Jeff had a whimsical wedding at Glen Foerd on the Delaware. We road-tripped it to make their wedding photo dreams come true!

Lauren & Jeff

Lauren and I have known each other for awhile now. We’ve got tons of friends in common and so many summer camp stories they’d keep you up all night long! I met Jeff when he attened our friend Emmalee’s wedding as Lauren’s plus one just 3 years ago. That also happened to be the first wedding Daniel ever assisted me on. I think we both knew some big things were in the works for both of us. Daniel seemed to have a natural fit working with me even then and Jeff…well Jeff and Lauren were the perfect pair. I had a sneaking suspicion that he was playing for keeps. 
Last fall we traveled to Philly for their engagement session. Or as I like to call it “Part one of their photo extravaganza!” We spent the weekend eating good food, drinking good beer, and adventuring! There’s something about exploring with our couples that brings us closer. It is literally my favorite!

Glen Foerd on the Delaware

There’s something about that first wedding where I’m still a mix of nerves and exhilaration. When I finally get there, it’s like the first fresh breathe of spring air finally reaches my lungs. All is right with the world again! It’s even better when you get to roll up to a gorgeous mansion on the Delaware river. Helloooooo beautiful!
Glen Foerd is a immaculately kept historic mansion and museum. It’s been restored to it’s original splendor & hosts an incredible art collection. Every corner is filled with a lovely detail or mind bending piece of art. I only wish Daniel and I could have spent more time there learning all about it.

The Wedding

Needless to say, it was the PERFECT backdrop for Lauren & Jeff’s whimsical garden style wedding. From Lauren’s tea length gown, to Jeff’s striking blue suit, the whole affair was perfect for spring!
These two wear their feelings for each other on their sleeves. There were so many joyful moments and happy tears. I was particularly smitten when Lauren surprised Jeff with one of his favorite songs. She practiced long hours on the cello and his face while she played will tell you all you need to know.
The whole day was full of beautiful moments just like that. I don’t think you could find a happier bride or groom on this spring day! Thank you Lauren and Jeff for bringing us up to Philly to capture your incredible day! We’re so thankful for you!




Shout out to the awesome vendors that made this wedding day possible!

Venue: Glen Foerd on the Delaware // Coordinator: J Hollander Gourmet // Caterer: J Hollander Gourmet // Florist: Flowers by Jennie Lynne // Band: Don Eaton Band // Baker: Penza’s red barn bakery // Hair & Makeup: Shimmer & Spice

Scabble pieces that say Lauren & Jeff framed by wedding ringsJeff gets ready at the hotel in Philadelphia, PA before his weddingJeff poses in the basement of Glen Foerd on the Delaware before his Philly wedding. Lauren's wedding dress hangs beautifully in the window of Glen Foerd on the DelewareLauren's mom helps her into her wedding dress at Glen Foerd on the Delaware near Philadelphia, PAA beautiful bride gets ready at Glen Foerd in Philadelphia

Bridal portrait at Glen Foerd on the Delaware

Lauren and Jeff share a secret moment before their wedding at Glen Foerd on the DelawareLauren & Jeff read letters to one another at Glen Foerd on the Delaware before their whimsical weddingJeff see's his bride for the first time at Glen Foerd on the DelawareWhimsical Wedding at Glen Foerd on the DelawareGlen Foerd on the Delaware makes a stunning backdrop for this garden weddingJeff and Lauren recite their vows in Philadelphia's Glen Foerd on the DelawareA happy bride gazes lovingly at her groom at Glen Foerd on the DelawareA tearful exchange of vows at Glen Foerd on the DelawareThe first kiss at Glen Foerd on the Delaware in Philadelphia PAA bride and groom celebrate their wedding at Glen Foerd on the DelawareNewly weds snuggle in the garden at Glen Foerd on the DelawareExcited eskimo kisses at Glen Foerd on the DelawareA bride and groom share a quiet moment in the gardens at Glen Foerd on the DelawareGorgeous golden sunlight highlight the bride and groom at Glen Foerd on the Delaware

Lauren seranades Jeff on the cello at their cocktail hour at Glen FoerdJeff's reaction to Lauren's beautiful cello seranade at Glen Foerd

A decorated Riverside Pavilion ready for wedding guests at Glen Foerd on the DelawareA simple woodland themed reception at Glen Foerd on the DelawareLauren & Jeff enter their reception with style at Glen Foerd The first dance during Lauren & Jeff's Glen Foerd wedding Jeff's lifted into the sky during the hora at Glen Foerd on the DelawareLauren & Jeff lifted into the air by their friends at Glen Foerd on the DelawareEveryone rejoices at Lauren & Jeff's reception at Glen Foerd on the DelawareGuests dance at Glen Foerd on the DelawareGlen Foerd offered a great space to party for a wedding receptionThe Riverside Pavilion at Glen Foerd on the Delaware is perfect for a receptionA romantic night shot of the bride and groom at their Glen Foerd wedding receptionA fun filled sparkler exit at Glen Foerd on the DelawareLauren & Jeff's sparkler exit at Glen FoerdSparklers light up the night as Lauren & Jeff exit their Glen Foerd wedding

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A Whimsical Wedding at Glen Foerd On The Delaware | Lauren & Jeff


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People ask me all the time how we get so many cool destination weddings? The answer may not be what you expect, but it’s because our clients don’t like big traditional weddings.

Sometimes the idea of having a large traditional wedding is scary. But you go for it anyways because that’s what you’re “suppose” to do right? You start planning, you make a guest list that seems a mile long, and then you get sucked down deeper and deeper into the details of center pieces, linens, bridesmaid dresses, and more. It’s completely overwhelming! When you think about planning your wedding day, it shouldn’t send you into a panic attack, if it does it may be time to re-evaluate how you’re doing things. I am giving you permission to do things differently, think outside the box, have a wedding day that brings you joy not fear!

Most of our destination weddings are because our clients don’t want the traditional, so they take their budget and choose a magical location! We’re just so honored that our clients love us enough to bring us along!

This scenario is exactly what happened with Alicia & Bill. They were all in on planning their NC based wedding when they realized it wasn’t the right thing for them. In stead they decided to dream about what they really wanted, New York City was #1 on their list. Both Alicia & Bill are lighting designers for theatre shows so Broadway is in their blood! They’ve also both lived in NYC for periods of time and have a special love for the Big Apple. So they pulled the trigger and decided to “elope” to NYC with just their closest family and US! Wowzah, I’m still pinching myself!

Not only did Alicia & Bill choose to have their wedding in NYC, but they chose to do it in the most amazing & unique way ever! In stead of renting a venue or going to the court house they chose to hit the city in style! They rented a limo for the day, made a list of their absolute favorite places, and took us all along on their personal tour of their beloved city! Daniel had yet to visit NYC and this was such a cool way for him to experience it for the first time!

I personally love adventure weddings like this one because we really get to know our clients and their loved ones. We watched mom cry as Alicia put on her dress, Bill’s sons crack jokes and make silly faces, and Alicia’s sister squeal with glee when they were officially wed. These relationships & memories are so important and they fill my heart up to overflowing! It was such a joy and honor to explore NYC from the perspective of Alicia & Bill! Thank you both SO MUCH for bringing us along on your incredibly amazing adventure!


We met Alicia & Bill at their hotel. Daniel jumped in a cab with the boys while I hung out with the ladies upstairs.

Bill lookin’ all sorts of dapper on the way to his first look.

Everywhere you go there is something interesting to see, people are everywhere, it’s the hustle & bustle of NYC that Alicia and Bill love!

Meanwhile, back at the hotel we Alicia put the last details together for her gorgeous wedding attire.

You seriously can’t go wrong with a birdcage veil! SO beautiful!

Even before Alicia was dressed, Mom started to sniffle. She laughed and said “DAMNIT! I held it together until now!” It was only the beginning of a teary eyed day!

Alicia is so gorgeous and that lip color was perfect for a NYC bride!

I couldn’t help myself when I saw her reflection in the mirror I just had to capture Alicia. Sheer elegance!

That moment when it got REAL!

We finally made it to the street where Alicia & Bill were to have their first look!

Bill’s anticipation was so thick you could cut it with a knife! He was so happy this day was finally here! I can just hear him counting down the seconds until he got to turn around and see his bride!

There are so many city shots I’m obsessed with and this is one of them. I love how the light is highlighting Alicia and her white dress makes her a beacon for all to see. It’s a beautiful contrast to all of the color & busy that’s going on around her, but she’s laser focused on seeing her man!

When Bill turned and saw Alicia the joy no longer could be contained! There were so many hugs & kisses followed by more hugs and kisses!

It’s not every day you see an elopement right? Maybe we’ll hire him as our 3rd photographer, what do you think?

We started in the West Village because Alicia & Bill love the look of the brownstones all lined up. It’s a very beautiful and dreamy part of town.

I adore how open Alicia & Bill are with their love. It’s written all over their faces and in every step they take. You can’t pose this kind of stuff, you have to be aware and let it happen!

Those looks, those hands, that sweetness! These two are amazing!

After I took this shot, I showed it to Alicia & Bill on the back of my camera. Bill’s face lit up and he exclaimed “That one’s going on the mantle piece….now I need to build a mantle piece!”

You can never have enough snuggles in my book. You can tell that they hate it sooooo much! 😉

After exploring a few blocks of the West Village, Saunders the best limo driver ever, picked us all up to head to our next stop on the list.

Is this not the coolest city shot you’ve ever seen? They look so Bad A!

“This is happening! EEEEE!”

Alicia & Bill’s favorite slice in NYC is at Bleeker St. Pizza

We all went with a white slice juuuuuuust to be safe!

How many couples do you know stop for pizza BEFORE they get married? Coolest bride & groom EVER!

After having a delicious slice of pizza we jumped back in the limo to head to Washington Square Park…This ISN’T Washington Square Park. When we arrived there was a giant festival tent parked right underneath the park’s iconic arch as well as mobs of people milling around. We quickly adjusted and went to plan B which turned out you couldn’t take pictures there without a fee. So onto plan C which was a sweet garden located next to St. Paul’s church. This is the beauty of designing their wedding in such a way that they could literally pick any place to get married! The garden was secluded, intimate, gorgeous, and PERFECT!

Alicia’s mom was so sweet, she couldn’t help but get emotional.

Such sweet tears of joy!

Alicia had some too

Alicia & Bill wrote their own vows to each other and it was clear to see how happy they were to make them.

We were all a bit emotional during the ceremony

Even Bill!

Huzzah! It’s official!

The gardens were so gorgeous we just had to take a moment to enjoy them.

And soak up the reality that those rings we staying on forever!

Then back into the limo we went to food stop #2!

A little bubbly to celebrate!

I love how vibrant this shot is, Bill’s look, Alicia’s laugh, the bright city behind them. This is one of my faves.

Our next stop was at Caracas Arepa Bar in the East Village. We had never eaten Arepa’s before, but I will be now! They’re SO delicious!

This place was tiny, but well worth it. We squeezed in the corner and managed to fit our cameras in too.

Nothing like a cold beer on a hot wedding day!

Part 2 of the day included Chucks! These two seriously are after my own heart!

This is an Arepa. You’re welcome.

We all enjoyed every last bite!

And then I did that reflection thing….

A little touch up and then off to First Street Garden & Anabel Basin for more epic adventure photos!

One of the most beautiful aspects of Alicia is her laugh. It’s big, genuine, and picture perfect! These two have such joy and we loved capturing it all!

Red wall + Red lip = WIN!

We made it to Anabel Basin JUST in time for a grand sunset!

Taking in the view

I don’t remember what we were all laughing about, but it was awesome!

These two just can’t contain their adoration for each other.

What a dreamy skyline

Kisses in the Big Apple!

While we waited for the sun to go down, we all grabbed a beer and chatted for a bit. It didn’t take long for that NYC skyline to light up and make me want to light them up!

With fully bellies, tired feet, and lots of wonderful memories made we got into the limo one more time to head to Lincoln Center. At 10pm it was still crowded with tourists watching the gorgeous fountain play tricks. We managed to sneak a shot that wasn’t too crowded.

But I wasn’t completely satisfied. I wanted something more intimate and epic at the same time. I spied these amazing globes down a side alley and popped these sleepy love birds under a spotlight.

Then I turned and saw it. Lincoln Center towered in the background with out a soul to be seen. The perfect epic last shot of an epic wedding adventure!



Adventure in New York City – Alicia & Bill’s Elopement

Sand Dollar Villa St. Thomas Virgin Island Destination Wedding Photographer Mabyn Ludke Photography


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2016 started out a little crazy, but it ended beautifully! We had some incredible clients this year and to witness the love ya’ll have for your people just melted my heart! Over the past week we’ve had so many wonderful comments left on the blog, Instagram, & Facebook! We loved reading every one of them. When it came down to it tho, there was one couple who had a few more comments than others. CONGRATS TO KRISTIN & NATE! Hooray! They’ve won a free 16×24 gallery canvas print of their choice a $250 value! I wonder which one they’ll choose? Here a few of my personal favorites:

Sand Dollar Villa St. Thomas Virgin Island Destination Wedding Photographer Mabyn Ludke PhotographySand Dollar Villa St. Thomas Virgin Island Destination Wedding Photographer Mabyn Ludke PhotographySand Dollar Villa St. Thomas Virgin Island Destination Wedding Photographer Mabyn Ludke PhotographySand Dollar Villa St. Thomas Virgin Island Destination Wedding Photographer Mabyn Ludke PhotographySand Dollar Villa St. Thomas Virgin Island Destination Wedding Photographer Mabyn Ludke PhotographySand Dollar Villa St. Thomas Virgin Island Destination Wedding Photographer Mabyn Ludke PhotographySand Dollar Villa St. Thomas Virgin Island Destination Wedding Photographer Mabyn Ludke PhotographySand Dollar Villa St. Thomas Virgin Island Destination Wedding Photographer Mabyn Ludke PhotographySand Dollar Villa St. Thomas Virgin Island Destination Wedding Photographer Mabyn Ludke Photography

Here’s to true bonds of love & friendship in 2017! It’s already off to an amazing start!



Winners of the 2016 Canvas Contest Giveaway!