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Kate & Brian are exceptionally amazing! Not only are they a great looking couple, but they will brave the disgustingly humid weather for photos! If you don’t recall, they were married a little under a year ago when the temperature was MUCH cooler. They opted to add on another photo session because they had so much fun the first time (and so did I!)! We did start to melt like ice cream cones after the first 10 minutes, but you wouldn’t know it! Check them out! YOW!!!


On the day of their wedding we took most of our formals at the Belhurst Manor, but not at the Castle itself. So they opted to head back there, especially for the train tracks!

After a bit we let Brian go back to the air conditioned car and Kate & I continued to rock it out! I think she’s the reason it was so hot out side! ;o)

Kate & Brian’s Rock the Dress