Saratoga Springs Hall of Springs Elegant Wedding

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Travel has been my companion as of late and I finally got to say adue to her this week. Now I get to stay at home for awhile and edit all of the great stuff I’ve been shooting lately! So to cap off the week and start off the weekend on a good note, here’s a little video recap as well as some sneak peekage for ya!



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Saratoga Springs Hall of Springs Elegant Wedding

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When I drove into Geneva on the Lake my jaw hit the floor of my little white Mazda! My eyes could not believe the splendor in front of me. David & his brother greeted me in the parking lot like old friends. He was dressed to the nines in his black suit looking like he should be sipping cocktails with high society, yet there was an undeniable excitement about him! It was easy to see why when I met Cori already in her absolutely amazing Maggie Sottero gown. Both of them had stepped right out of the movies into my life! I was in photographer’s heaven!

Their ceremony was set on the edge of Seneca lake with a stunning view and was full of the simple sentiment of their love. I had expected to spend a lot of time taking large family pictures, but Cori & David opted to do just a few close family shots and then off to get their Next Top Model on! We spent a good part of an hour just hanging out with the two of them getting some of my favorite shots of the summer! When they finally made their entrance into their black & white theme’d reception, the excitement that David had before the ceremony was amplified by all of their family & friends cheering them on in celebration of their love! The rest of the day was filled with outdoor activities, amazing food, dancing, and photo shoots, photo shoots, photo shoots!!!! Cori & David even had a full costume change into Hollywood Glam inspired outfits. I loved how Cori’s second dress mimicked her Maggie Sottero Gown. Everything was fluent and gorgeous! When they entered their reception for the second time they were greeted by Emad Batayeh and his extremely talented band. The energy didn’t quit even when the music stopped, the joy Cori & David felt over flowed into sentiments & goodbyes. I was sooooooo lucky & blessed to be a part of their day! I still get a giant grin on my face when thinking about it all! Thank you Cori & David! You can be my model’s ANYTIME! 😉

How did you meet?
We met in high school. We were friends who had a certain spark. Dave enlisted in the army after graduation, and traveled the world. We’d always seem to run into each other on his trips home. When Dave came back from Iraq in 2008, we bumped into each other at the mall, finally made a dinner date, and have been together ever since.
How did your fiance propose?
While hiking a mountain in Lake Placid.
Tell me a bit about the planning process for your wedding (how did you pick the venue, colors, funny stories, etc..):
We both always dreamed of getting married outside by the water, so when we visited Geneva On The Lake, it fit our vision perfectly. We wanted an elegant venue, with simple yet timeless details. Black, white, and ivory seemed like classic colors. Our goal was to infuse our personalities, while also respecting our family traditions. As soon as we started planning, we gave each set of parents one “must have.” For Cori’s, it was the priest who married her parents and baptized her (a long time family friend). For Dave’s, a traditional Jordanian band.
What details at your wedding had special significance?
The favors (whiskey and chocolates) represented something we both enjoy. We used an old suitcase surrounded by family wedding photos as our gift box.
What was the most memorable moment(s) of your day?
It’s so hard to pick just one! The ceremony site had a big flowering tree and overlooked the lake, while the string quartet provided music. It was like out of a movie. Cori always dreamed of having Stevie Wonder sing at her wedding, and Ronnie Leigh delivered! When we changed outfits and were introduced by the Arabic band, the level of excitement was incredible. Seeing our fathers dance together alongside both families and friends was so memorable.
If you had to do it all over, would you change anything?
Not a thing.
Funniest memory from your wedding day?
Cori had a broken left finger, so had to have her rings put on her right hand. We didn’t realize she also put Dave’s ring on his right hand until the ceremony was almost over. Cori whispered to him to move it over. But no one seemed to notice!
What was your favorite wedding purchase?
The entertainment
Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Positano, Italy
Any advice for future bride & grooms?
Make sure both of your personalities are reflected in your wedding, while incorporating family traditions. Be mindful of your timeline and your guests, but don’t compromise your vision. And use Mabyn as your photographer!

Cori’s gown was even more elegant than Geneva on the Lake! She is absolutely gorgeous!

Geneva on the Lake Elegant Wedding

Their ceremony was simple and lovely. The setting took my breath away!

Geneva On The Lake Wedding

Geneva on the Lake feels like you’ve been magically transported to Europe! The architecture and landscaping blew my mind!

Add in Cori, Dave, and their wedding party that equals inspiration explosion in my brain!

Geneva On The Lake Wedding

There was so much for everyone to do, from Croquet to dancing it was a fantastic party alllll day long!

Geneva On The Lake Wedding

After dinner, Cori & Dave switched outfits (vintage 60’s style! AHHH!) and re-entered the reception to be greeted by an authentic Jordanian band! I didn’t think it was possible for my brain to be blown so many times in one night!

Geneva On The Lake Wedding

Dress Designer & Store Location: 1st dress – Maggie Sottero/SpyBaby, 2nd dress- NY Bride//Jewelry: 1st Dress earrings – Christina Garcia, 2nd Dress earrings and bracelet – Arabic Gold from Jordan//Veil or Hair accessories: hair clip from SpyBaby//Shoes: hers – Aldo, his – Hugo Boss//Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal and Macy’s//Grooms Attire: NY Bride, ties from Macy’s//Ceremony Venue: Geneva On The Lake//Reception Venue: Geneva On The Lake//Florist: Backyard Garden Florist (Fayetteville)//Cake: Geneva On The Lake//Event Designer: Cori & Dave Inc (lol)
Wedding Coordinator: Chris Clark at Geneva On The Lake//Lighting: Hank Parker Rentals//Invitations & Stationary: Invitation linens from The Events Co//Music: The DeSantis Band and Emad Batayeh

Special Ceremony Music: Rosewood String Quartet
Father/Daughter & Mother/Son: My Girl
First Dance: You Send Me

Cori & David’s Love Story!