Jack & Kris snuggle in a pocket of light at the NC Museum of Art


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Oh friends, it’s my favorite time of year again! That’s right, engagement season! The flowers are blooming, it’s not freezing (all the time), and I get to play with amazing couples and beautiful light! We spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon & evening with Jacki & Kris in Raleigh for their engagement session.

NC Museum of Art Engagement

We started at the NC Museum of Art with Jacki, Kris, Toby, & Pablo! Could these pups be any cuter? It was amazing finally meeting all four members of this sweet family in person. Jacki & Kris booked us via a Facetime conversation – the next best thing to meeting in person – and we’ve been social media friends ever since. So meeting Toby & Pablo was almost as exciting as meeting Jacki & Kris!

Once we got Jacki & Kris alone, we were able to wander the outside of the NC Art Museum and find some seriously cool spots. It was the perfect blend of art, architecture, color, and light. I was a kid in a candy shop with all of the fun spots we found on the grounds!

Downtown Raleigh Engagement

As the sun got lower in the sky we decided to make our way to the Haymaker in downtown Raleigh. This bar is filled with all sorts of classic vintage elements. Think 1930’s meets hipster. Throw in a beautiful floral wall as a backdrop and you’ve got yourself a trigger happy Mabyn!

After a couple of cocktails, we then went adventuring through downtown Raleigh. Where ever the light danced along the buildings and ally ways we took pictures. Raleigh has some seriously beautiful architectural elements, murals, and bright vibrant colors. It’s a beautiful city.

I have 3 favorites of the whole affair:

1 – getting to know Jacki & Kris better and seeing their genuine love for each other – These two are amazing ya’ll!
2 – finding out that Jacki & I are practically the same person – clumsiness and all. 😉
3 – watching Jacki & Kris go from nervous to confident that they were rocking their engagement session! – Especially when Jacki learned to dip! Yeah girl!

Thank you Jacki & Kris for a fantastic afternoon & evening. We cannot wait for your wedding day! Why is December so far away?!


Couple poses with their pups at the NC Museum of ArtCouple snuggles in a colorful maze at the NC Museum of ArtJacki & Kris snuggle is reflected at the NC Museum of ArtJack & Kris snuggle in a pocket of light at the NC Museum of ArtMultiple reflections of Jacki & Kris at the NC Museum of AartA pool of water reflects a sweet couple at the NC Museum of ArtCouple laughs at the NC Museum of ArtA couple lounges at the Haymaker in Raleigh, NCA sweet embrace at the Haymaker in Downtown RaleighCouple kisses in an alley in RaleighCouple walks side by side in Downtown RaleighCouple kisses in Downtown Raleigh NCAn abstract view of the fire escape mural in Raleigh, NC with a sweet coupleJacki learns to dip in Raleigh, NCAn epic view of the Raleigh Skyline with Jacki & KrisCouple embraces with the city of Raleigh behind themA nighttime shot of a couple embracing in downtown RaleighJacki & Kris embrace with this nightime city behind them in Raleigh

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Colorful Downtown Raleigh Engagement | Jacki & Kris