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Picture this, a beautiful autumn day where the surrounding tree’s are shades of orange and gold. The wind blows gently as you make your way down a winding path, acorns fall making a soft rustle as you walk. Slowly, but surely the path widens into a stone walk way and right before you is a […]

Brook’s Bridal Session at the Castle McCulloch in High Point, NC

Sara & Ryan are seriously the cutest couple ever! I was so excited when Aura Marzouk Photography asked me to come along to their Groome Inn wedding. It’s this amazing little hide away that you never knew existed right in Greensboro, NC! ¬†It’s so romantic and lovely, the perfect match for Sara’s fairy tale dream […]

Groome Inn Wedding Greensboro, NC – Sara & Ryan

A few weeks ago I got to second for Aura Marzouk Photography at a beautiful Fairy Tale wedding! Seriously, Sarah had the Belle dress and everything! I had an amazing time getting to know this amazingly geeky and hilarious couple and I can’t wait to share it with you! XOXOXO, Mabyn Sarah & Ryan’s Groome […]

A Fairy Tale Sneak Peek – Greensboro, NC

A lush fairy tale couple walk hand in hand on their wedding day at the Groome Inn in Greensboro, NC. Photography by Mabyn

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