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Desserts, dance offs, & delicious loooooove! That’s what Yolanda & Arel’s You + Me session consisted of. We and I had a great time developing their romantic theme! We decided upon a lakeside picnic at Green Lakes, where they drank hot chocolate, snuggled, and were ridiculously adorable! Yolanda and Arel compliment each other so well! […]

Yolanda & Arel’s You + Me Session

Green Lakes Fall Picnic Engagement Session Fayetteville NY

This week’s video blog was going to be all about having a vision for your wedding day…well my vision for this week’s video blog didn’t work out so well! So keep your eyes peeled for that topic at a later date. Not to fear though! I still have some awesome sneakeroo’s for you!! I’m in […]

Life getting in the way…

Tipp Hill Sneak Peek

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