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Today I get to celebrate my Papa! Harry Ludke  is a man of morals, strength, joy, and perseverance. He has taught me so many things; to live a joyful life, to do what you love, to keep going even if it’s tough, to be loyal and loving, and much much more.

My father started his life in Post World War II Germany. There were many difficult cicumstances that my Oma and Opa had to face in those days, so when my Papa was 4 they moved here to the states, literally off the banana boat!

His parents proceeded to make a life for themselves in the Empire state, they worked endlessly  to give their children the opportunities they never had. I can’t remember a time when my Oma wasn’t working on at least 3-5 projects at a time. She was a machine! Their work ethic was passed down to my Papa, who worked for over 35 years at the same job. He gave his whole self to his position until he retired. I have learned that a good lifestyle doesn’t come easily, it takes hard work, doing whatever you can to make your dreams come true. From my Papa’s hard work he provided for his family and created a beautiful home for us. I hope to be able to do the same in the future.

Though my family can be workaholics, we also know that all of that work without a little play is pointless! I am my Fathers Daughter when it comes to humor. We have a really stupid sense of humor, and we enjoy it throughly. We love to relax and soak in the beauty that God has given us. My parents own a beautiful home, surrounded by gardens and woods. It is a peaceful haven to soak in and center yourself when the world gets crazy.

I have seen my father persevere through difficult times, always with his chin up. I never doubted that we’d get through them. He always knew that it’d be ok in the end. In the good times, my father has always been thankful. His soul is quiet and sweet. Especially now that he’s retired & has a grandson to trot after, his joy has grown abundantly.

Thank you Papa for being a constant source of strength and encouragement. Thank you for believing in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. I am so thankful to be your daughter! I will always be your little girl!

(My Pops can really rock the 70’s stach! Niiiiice!)



Happy Father’s Day Papshki!! : Real Love : Syracuse, NY Photography