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Mother’s Day is around the corner! I’m so excited to travel back up to NY and see my beautiful mother and spend some time with her. You see, a year ago around this time, our family went through something pretty traumatic. My mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer and went through a double mastectomy. Now she’ll probably frown and give me the evil eye for telling you all of this, but her story is one of silent courage. I hope to one day tell you her full story, but for now know that her bravery in the face of this behemoth really helped shape my decision to start Simply Beautiful Couture! She is absolutely stunning and all mothers should be remembered that way. Now, I haven’t done a SBC session with her yet, but I have my fingers crossed that she’ll allow me to do one! But, if you feel that YOUR mother deserves to be cherished, treasured, and have a once in a lifetime experience that will make her feel like the gorgeous woman she is, then I implore you to have her picture PROFESSIONALLY taken! Even if it’s not with me! We can never have enough pictures OF or WITH our family members. They are oh so precious.

So as you ponder what to do for Mother’s Day, think about the importance of capturing her beauty forever. Please consider Simply Beautiful Couture. Thank you.


Mother's Day Promo

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