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Settling into North Carolina again has been interesting. I absolutely LOVE being back here, especially since I got an extended autumn this year. Just as the leaves were finished up in NY I got to drive 11 hours down the east coast to NC where they were just about to peak! I really wish I could live in perpetual autumn all the time. Warm days, cool nights, gorgeous colors in the trees, pumpkin spice latte’s forever….and ever….AND EVER! Mmmmmmm pumpkin……

Oh sorry, I got distracted….pumpkin does that to me. Anywho, it’s been interesting because everything is so new. I feel like my business is starting from scratch again. In NY, everyone told me that I’d be an immediate success. They were all being very sweet and encouraging, but the reality of it is that making a name for myself down here in NC isn’t going to be as easy as just sticking my head out my car window and saying “HI, I’M HERE!”¬†Finding the time between finishing up my weddings to network and meet new potential clients hasn’t been easy. So I’ve had a lot of discouraging moments but with some extremely awesome ones as well!

That’s kinda how most of my year has gone, it’s been quite the roller coaster! Sometimes I look back & I’m exhausted. I can’t believe so much happened with out my body completely melting down into a puddle. But I’m still here, and I’m excited for the next chapter in my life! I’m looking at this as a fresh start, not that I needed one. NY was incredible and will always hold a special place in my heart. Yet, with so much change, how can it not be? I get to make new friends, meet new clients, and now create a new look!

I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my logo over the past few years. My friend Elena designed it for me and I have loved loved loved it for a long time. My decision to change my logo/look isn’t because I have fallen out of love, it’s because I’ve outgrown it. Almost like your favorite pair of shoes that you’ve taken extra care of so they last forever only to find one day when you try them on that they’re just a little too small. I had a pair of purple metallic puma’s that did that….*sigh* I miss those shoes.
I want to give credit where credit is due. This logo has seen me through a huge chunk of my photographic development, but now I feel my work has developed to a point where the logo no longer “fits right.”

Over the past year I’ve been in development with my friend Zach who has helped me hone down my crazy to the perfect logo. The elements are very similar, connecting initials and a flower representing life, vibrance, & beauty. It has an elegance that is different than the last, something about it’s simplicity just feels right.

Along with this new logo there will be some web design changes. As much as I love the funky feel of my website, I think simple is the ¬†way to go. So be prepared for a shift! I’m hoping that next week all will be revealed, but for now here’s the new logo! Ahhh! Thank you so much to Zachstudios for the amazing design!


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New State = New Look